Domestic Violence Assessment

Domestic violence is a vehemence inflicted by one person to another in a domestic setting. This situation could be cohabitation or marriage. It can be referred to as intimate partners abuse if the crime is committed by a partner or a spouse who is closely related to the victim. It may also involve violence against the elderly, children or parents. The main reason behind choosing this topic is because most of the cases involve women and such violence has called for the formation of feminist movements.A large percentage of the victims of this type of abuse are women in relationships. This paper seeks to study this topic concerning whether the rise of feminism has helped alleviate it or not.

The most applicable model in this study is the feminist theory. With the intensification of feminism, there have been questions as to whether it has helped solve the problem of violence against women or not. There have been arguments on both sides. Those in support have argued that the increase in the sensitization of women through feminist activism has helped women realize their rights. Therefore, women can now report cases of violence to the authorities, and this has helped curb the problem. Those on the opposing side have also asserted that with the rise of this activism, women have absconded their duties and consider themselves as equals to their male partners. This has proven to be a significant problem causing conflicts in families.

With these views, this research will entail interviewing women on their beliefs and, on the other hand, look for statistics from authorities concerning the number of this reported violence. This will help in understanding whether this rise of feminism has reduced the number of instances of domestic violence against women or has augmented it.

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