Donna’s Case Study

  1. Based on this vignette, how would you describe the presenting problem for clinical social work intervention and/or psychotherapy?

In the case of Donna, it is no doubt that several issues are affecting her, aside from the trauma of a rape experience. First of all, her mum arrives late for the social work assessment, indicating how uncaring she seemingly is to her. As a mother, you need to be there for your child, all the times. Even though Donna portrayed a relaxed attitudeduring the interview, she was suffering inwardlyfrom various issues that the clinical social worker should be aware of. Even though she lives in an extended familywith several social relationships, Donna feels like she is neglect. She feels like she is left out and lonely in her world. The fact that her mother is never there for her is affecting her in some way. Her mother and father have never lived together under the same roof despite being in close contact. From a psychological perspective, this could be having an impact on her life. She is not in close contact with her parents, and her mother is not friendly, does not care much about her, and often beats her when she feels so much out in place.

At the same time, Donna is experiencing trauma from the rape. She may be feeling pain and fear because those who raped her walked free because of lack of evidence. I feel like the parents, especially her mother, werenot there for her during the hearing. Therefore, she did not have someone closer to tell her story. The clinical social worker should understand that Donna has angry feelings towards her family, particularly her mother. Even though she describes her father as someone who is aggressive and affectionate, he is seemingly not always there for her as well. She has spent most of her time with her aunt (Bea) and her grandma, Bessie.

Additionally, it is important to note that Donna is suffering from the loss of her aunt and the fact that her grandma, who used to take care of her is now dying of Alzheimer’s disease. Her relationships have resulted in a loss. It can be a traumatizing feeling to lose those who are seemingly close to you. Those who have remained (her mother and father) do not care about her. Aunt Bea was her ‘other mother’ for discipline and comfort. When her aunt died, Donna was left alone. At some point, she begins wishing she would die and her mother ends up slapping her when she shares the same feelings with her. From this experience, it is no doubt that Donna is frustrated based on the fact that she cannot share her feelings even with her biological parents. The feelings further became paramount, and she responded by trying to hang herself at the age of 10. The suicidal thoughts and attempts often result from depression and the clinical social worker should be aware of the same to effectively help Donna because, from the beginning, she says that she has always desired to goto therapy, meaning that she has been suffering inwardly.

  1. What larger socio-cultural issues might be affecting this individual, and what cross-cultural issues might be present in YOURwork with this individual?

Donna is affected by various socio-cultural issues that further impedes on her ability to function effectively and normally. Violence is one of the socio-cultural issues that Donna has experienced. When she informed her mother about the feelings of dying, possibly

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