Dr. Seuss Analysis

Introduction to Dr. Seuss

Dr.Seuss was a writer who wrote children books. His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. He was born on March 2, 1904 and grew up in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, although he studied in both the United States and England. Both his parent’s families came from Germany and lived near Ted.

He started drawing cartoons when he was a student, signing them with his middle name “Seuss”. Later, he got a job drawing cartoons for magazines and added the title “Dr.” and picked the name Theophrastus and his pen name became complete.

He began writing children’s books in the 1930s and soon became one of America’s favorite storytellers. His books were different from many children’s book at the time as they did not teach children how to follow rules but encouraged the use of imagination. His playful stories made reading fun. His books were full of made up people, animals and places. He wrote about “A Fox in Socks” and about “Green Eggs and Ham”. His prolific imagination occupied the pages of his Dr. Seuss books, which are some of the most popular books ever written for children.

Biography: Author “Dr. Seuss”

  • Seuss was a writer who wrote and illustrated stories for children;
  • His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel and was not really a doctor;
  • He was born on 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts;
  • His parents were Henrietta Seuss and Theodor Robert Geisel;
  • He had an older sister called Margaretha or Marnie;
  • He was filled with curiosity and fun and enjoyed watching bicycles, wagons and horse-drawn carriages going down nearby Mulberry Street. He also enjoyed playing and laughing, but most of all he loved to draw;
  • He studied in both the United States and England;
  • In 1921, he graduated from high school and began college at Dartmouth College;
  • In 1930, he began writing children’s books, his most famous being “The Cat in the Hat”;
  • Seuss died in 1991.

Distinctive Characteristics of “Dr. Seuss”

  • Determined: Dr.Seuss never gave up writing his books, even during the most difficult times of his life, even when some of the people who he thought would support him did not believe that he would get any of his books published, he still persevered.
  • Kind: in his life, Dr. Seuss never wanted to disappoint or dishearten anyone. He always wanted to make the people around him happy.
  • Creative: he wrote and illustrated his own books and came up with the funniest rhymes ever.
  • Hardworking: he contributed most of his lifetime to finish his books so that children could read them and enjoy them.

Interview with Dr. Seuss

There are no available audios or video interview with Dr. Seuss that are available online.

Overview of the book “Please Try to Remember the First of Octember

In this book Dr. Seuss imagines a day when every wish comes true. It is about a child asking for everything and being promised it all when the most special and fictional month the Dr. Seuss christens Octember comes. Allegedly, surprising things are expected to come about in the first day of Octember. The books goes towards helping young children understand the various months of the year through catchy rhyme and imaginative creativity that leaves a child desiring for Octember to come. He includes rhymes such as “March is too dusty and April to gusty, if May is too early and June too soon, just try to remember the first of Octember, when whatever you are hoping to get will be yours”.

Please Try to Remember the First of Octember” is a fun book. It not only teaches children about the different months of the year, but also about delayed indulgence and the eagerness of waiting for a special day, even when that special day does not actually exist. The sentences are brief and rhyme, making it a fun read for beginning readers.



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