Dream Job

  • In what kind of setting would the job be? A municipality? A community center? A nursing home? Describe the population you would be dealing with and providing a service to. Then briefly explain why you’ve selected this setting and population.

The job setting of the ideal employment position would involve working in a recreational park that has been established to benefit the community of the region. It is a facility that serves as a community center but advanced to accommodate carrying out of recreational activities. The demography of the target market will be tourists on transit to other attraction sites as well as the middle-class families’ that are residents within the region. The middle-class families are targeted mainly because of their busy lifestyle during the weekdays but pacemakers for recreational opportunities during the weekends as a unit. The reason for choosing such a setting and population is because tourism and hospitality business is lucrative and enhancing its sustainability aspects renders the positive trickle-down effects to the community members of the area thus promoting the improvement of the standards of livelihood. Also, middle-class families are willing to spend more on leisure activities as well as in recreational engagements to compensate for the busy weekdays’ schedule.

  • What might you like for a job title? Provide an appropriate job title that you feel you’d like to have some day after having several years of experience as a professional.

A job title desired is a teamwork leader and instructor. After gaining experience in the field of recreation, the professional job title desired is a recreational specialist.


  • Describe what you believe your significant responsibilities would be. Identify at least three essential responsibilities your position would entail. These should be responsibilities you feel are realistic and appropriate for the job you’ve selected and that you’d enjoy in your work. Then briefly explain why you’ve identified and selected these particular responsibilities.

Some of the primary responsibilities of a teamwork leader in a recreational park include organization and coordination of recreational events, offer fitness training to community members for a better and healthy lifestyle as well as engage the community members, residents and the tourists in bonding activities such as competition matches, learning forums as well as team building activities. These responsibilities aggregate towards the accomplishment of the future job title as a recreational specialist hence the particular duties and responsibilities. Besides, these duties align with my passion for service delivery to promote and develop a healthy lifestyle for individuals.

  • What would you like your work schedule to look like? Being realistic, in a supervisory or administrative role, and based on a 35-40 hour work week, what might your daily hours be? Then describe any times, reasons, activities, or events for which you would need to be willing to work outside of those regular, weekday hours.

The work schedule would be daily from 7 am to 6 pm with exceptions of working hours being lesser on Sundays, that is, from noon to 6 pm. The only circumstances that would prompt working for additional hours on Sundays are due to competition events within the recreational park as well as personal appointments community members for discussion forums concerning develop strategies that increase the benefits on a double-edged sword dimension. As much as engaging in the operations of the recreational park, there would be some exceptional hours during the weekdays that my team and I would visit other attraction centers within the region for benchmarking expeditions to learn of different strategies to incorporate in enhancing diversified and memorable experiences to the visitors.

  • Provide an annual salary range you would deserve, expect, and accept for this position. You will need to do some research on this as you must be realistic.

The salary range offer that I would be willing to commit myself to would be $10 per hour during the weekdays but $10-$15 per hour during the weekends with an approximate annual salary of $40,000. This is because of the scale of commitment in case of events during the weekend that demand additional working hours.

  • Be preparing this assignment. Please indicate at least one personal feeling you learned about yourself concerning your future employment in the field.

One feeling I learned about myself is the value of service delivery to the community that I uphold. As much as I seek to accomplish my career goals, the satisfaction mainly comes from the act of service for a healthy society and the improvement of living conditions such as alleviation of poverty standards through the creation of employment opportunities.