Drug Testing Policy in the Company

Topic One

ChocMaker Enterprises Company


To:The Company Manager

FROM: The HR Manager

DATE: 20 Feb. 2019

SUBJECT: Drug Testing Policy in the Company

The illegal use and consumption of alcohol in the workplace have become an issue of concern in this organization. It has a significant problem in the recent past that employers have to operate within the legal requirements when carrying out random drug testing. The company is aware of legal issues associated with working outside the legal framework. After analyzing the concerns of employees and putting the welfare of this firm at heart, I have drafted a policy that will meet the statutory requirement while at the same time enhancing the well-being of its employees. The policy is intended to guide recruitment decisions at the firm and save the firm from legal conflicts that are likely to interfere with the firm’s operations.

According to FindLaw, drug testing policy has to be in line with the federal and state laws. This implies strict adherence to the law. Some of the recommendations regarding the drug testing policy include the circumstances that may make it necessary for drug testing. The three conditions listed by FindLaw are:

  1. When the employee’s job poses a risk to others
  2. When the employee is in a rehabilitation program
  3. When the person is suspected to be using drugs

During the drug testing process, the firm may consider hiring experts to carry out the process. This is to make sure that the firm does not interfere with the employees’ privacy and adheres to rules and regulations regarding drug testing.

Thank You.

HR Manager


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