Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Section Three

Physical Environment
Criteria Evidence Rating Notes
3.1 1 4 The Early Learning Centre At Algonquin College has sufficient outdoor space.
2 4 Similarly, the indoor space is decorated making it attractive for the children.
3 4 Kids who are disabled have a chance in enjoying the environment at the institution.
  Total Points: 12/3=4
3.2 1 5 This piece of evidence has been demonstrated.
2 5 It is important to ensure that materials, such as toys, are available depending on the age of the children.
3 4 This has been demonstrated regularly whereby free space is available for all children in most of the times.
  Total Points: 14/3=4.6
3.3 1 5 The use of rugs, plants, and furniture among others is a special way of creating an impressive environment for children.
2 5 To define outdoor spaces, several materials are required to ensure that the place is attractive.
3 4 This has been demonstrated in a scale of 4/5.
4 5 To create pathways for children.

Infants-4years children are an essential age group to be attracted by natural things.

5 4 The institution meets this criterion satisfactorily.
6 3 To create pathways, it is important to use furniture and plants.
  Total Points:26/6=4.33
3.4 1 4 The program absorbs are good number of children depending on the resources available.
2 5 Materials and toys are well-organized and located.
3 5 Inspection is done for all materials as a protective measure.
4 5 Cleaning of the items is carried out according to the schedule.
  Total Points: 19/4=4.75
3.5 1 5 This has been demonstrated.
2 5 It is satisfactory.
3 5 Storage and accessibility is regularly evaluated.
  Total Points: 15/3=5
3.6 1 3 Individual storage for toys for young children has not been categorized.
2 4 Space for dressing/undressing is enough.
  Total Points:7/2=3.5
3.7 1 4 Reduction of noise is prioritized by the institution.
2 5 This has been fulfilled accordingly.
  Total Points: 9/2=4.5
3.8 1 4 This has been met.
2 4 Non-glaring light is important in nurseries.
3 4 Lighting has been considered.
  Total Points: 12/3=4
3.9 1 5 This has been displayed by the institution.
2 4 Indoor space is dec

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