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According to the behavioral approach, how would you describe Susan’s leadership?

Susan is a unique leader with strong, varied reactions to her leadership skills. Ideally, Susan’s leadership style seems to be authoritative/compliance. She likes her things to be done right on time with good quality. However, I firmly believe Susan is more of a team player who can work with people from diverse background. Meanwhile, as part-owner, she probably feels such a sense of responsibility to the store and the employees. In this regards, she pushes herself very hard.

Why does her leadership behavior create such a pronounced reaction from her subordinates?

In my opinion, I believe it creates such a pronounced reaction since people are so different. Practically, no two employees are going to react the time. The store employs 10 people, and I concur you are going to have different receptors for different people. However, some people are admiring her for her work ethic, while others are feeling out. So the saying goes “All work and no play.” Lastly, when a manager is all about work and has the job done, they seem to spate themselves from social interactions in the workplace.

Do you think she should change her behavior?

Even though Susan is doing a great job, however, she needs to change and be more friendly with the employees. Besides, her home life balance is also getting compromised. The employees that see her as unable to relate to and not much fun should be a sign to Susan of adapting and changing. Her leadership skills are attributed to various success, but she needs to slow down a bit. She should delegate some duties to her stuff. It sounds like she has strong employees and she should have trust on them a bit more.

Would she be effective if she changed?

I still believe that Susan would still be effective if not more effective if she changes her leadership style. This is because she has already set the bar for her expectations. Moreover, she has “buy-in” from a fair amount of her employees. In the event that she adapted some leadership tendencies to be more relational, she may pick up more work from the employees that do not get her work ethic.

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