EBSCOhost: Academic Search Premier

EBSCOhost: Academic Search Premier

Question 1
EBSCOhost: Academic Search Premier is an online database for various scholarly materials, which are available for students and other individuals in need of certain information. The search engine provides users with journal articles that contain a wide range of information deepening on what the user wants. EBSCOhost has several databases that are relevant to special education. They include Education Resource Centre (ERIC), MLA international bibliography, PsycINFO, ebook collection and Academic Search Primer among others.

Question 2
Basic search and advanced search differ in several ways. Basic search tends to give more “broad” results on the topic of inquiry. User experience is enhanced by use of limiters, Boolean operators and expanders. Advanced search on the other hand is tailored to obtain specific information. One can search several aspects of an article like the subject terms, ISBN number among others at the same time. Basic search is more suitable for individuals that are not sure what they want exactly, but advanced search is for people who are aware of exactly what they want.

Question 3
EBSCOhost has four search modes. These are SmartText searching, Boolean, find all of my search terms and find any of my search terms. One can limit their search results by specifying the title of the article, entering number of pages, and providing date of publication e.t.c. ‘NOT’ is used to assert that a certain word should not be included. ‘AND’ is used when an individual wants information for more than one variable. ‘OR’ on the other hand, can be used when information from any of the variables presented is deemed sufficient.

Question 4
My paper’s potential topic is Changes in Pre-service Teacher Attitudes toward Inclusion. I chose three keywords to search on EBSCOhost. They included pre-service teacher attitudes, special education inclusion and teacher attitudes toward inclusion. The number of article items indentified were 463, 3293 and 270 respectively.

Question 5
The number of articles derived is too many. In order to narrow down the search I ought to use more long-tailed keywords.

Question 6
Most of the articles that I encountered are in full-text. However, there some which are presented in abstract form only. In search a situation, one ought to contact CSUSB library and request for a copy. The delivery is made within a week via email.

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