Education Assignment Formative Assessment

Education Assignment Formative Assessment

Question 1: How each teacher models what you read and learned about formative assessment?

Formative assessment is used widely by teachers to carry out their in-process evaluation of students during their learning process. According to Cox, Imrie, Miller and Miller (2014), teachers evaluate students’ learning needs, comprehension and their academic progress. Therefore, it helps in identifying and collecting information that is necessary to improve student’s instructions and learning.

Question2: What evidence did you see did you see and hear regarding formative assessment being an assessment FOR learning? More specifically, how did each teacher assess during learning?

Assess and plan with exit tickets: For this strategy, students are seen writing and calculating the multiples of seven. The teacher used this strategy to know whether the students are able to write seven multiples of the various number counts provided.

Keeping it relevant and authentic: The teacher used this strategy to challenge the students by telling them to solve the real-life problems. For example, the teacher thought students about slopes using the actual stairs. The students demonstrated and measure the angle and length of the stairs.

Question 3: How were they able to determine the current progress of their students in relation to mastering the objectives? How did each teacher model the provision of feedback?

To determine the current progress of their students, both tried to generate feedbacks to students. Therefore they asked questions and some students were able to respond while other had no clue. It means that students who answered the questions understood the concepts being thought while those who had no idea needed more explanations.

For assess and plan with exit tickets strategy, the teacher instructed each student to write at least seven multiples of the various counts provided. From the exercise, teacher was able to give a general assessment of the class. Also, one student was called upon to give a demonstration.

For keeping it relevant and authentic strategy, the teacher provided a sample problem. The students were to answer whether the given dimensions (between 0.45 and 0.60) of stairs are legal. The teacher used the common mistakes identified to assess the students. He gave out working sheets to students so that they work out and provide their feedback.

Question 4: What connections can you make between the teachers’ strategies to assess for learning and their eventual assessment of learning through a summative assessment? In other words, what can you see coming as preparation of a larger, more comprehensive summative assessment?

There is quite a relevant connection between formative assessment and summative assessment. After the teacher has identified that students have understood the concepts learned in class through formative assessment, then it is clear that will use those concepts at the end of their learning period. Therefore, formative assessment prepares the students by ensuring they have enough knowledge and skill to implement what they learned. Summative assessment will then evaluate the students’ learning progress and the achievements they have made.


Cox, K., Imrie, B. W., Miller, A., & Miller, A. (2014). Student assessment in higher education: a handbook for assessing performance. Routledge.

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