Understanding philosophy from all possible perspectives is a crucial component of our education program. There are four main paradigms used in the assessment of personal advancement.  The Adult education philosophy is encompassed in 5 main subsections which include, Liberal Arts adult education, Progressive AE, Humanistic AE, Radical Adult Education, and Behavioural Adult Education. Each of these curriculums has its strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is a personal assessment of the various fields and the scores in each of the subjects. The strongholds and weaknesses in the curriculum, from a personal perspective will be critically and thoroughly assessed.

For the test results, the scores for each of the disciplines were as follows. For the liberal arts, the aggregate score attained is 83, whereas for the behavioural adult education the score attained was 97. In relation to progressive adult education, the score was 89, whereas the scores for humanistic adult education was 81. The lowest score attained for the entire program was 51, which was for the radical adult education unit. These scores are demonstrative of the various subjects and disciplined that I understood better and it also illuminated some of the areas that I studied with a little difficulty.

The highest score attained in the program was 97 out of a hundred, for behavioural adult education. The program was developed to assist the learners to manage to teach people on how to change their behaviours and fit within the necessary social requirements. Arguably, my performance in this area was high because of my dynamic understanding of the human complex behaviours. This course was also increasingly interactive and with the passion developed for the subject, I developed a greater understanding of the course requirements and the nature of question setting which thus placed me in a better position to deliver a highly exceptional paper within the set timeline and this enabled me to attain such a high score.

One of my areas of weaknesses in the various philosophies was radical adult education. This course is purposely designed to reach the various societies in developing nations. The course was a little bit complex with it reviewing areas such as politics and economics, which thus made the course a little bit harder compared to the other courses that were purely based on human behaviours and understanding human psychology. The course also comprised a rich content of history and culture which are some the areas of weakness and as such, I knew from the beginning of the course that my negative attitude towards these areas might impact on my overall score.

The course is highly comprehensive and any learner would acquire much knowledge from the course. The fact that the course is tailored to teach adult learners was one of the most desirable qualities that I attained from the course. It is up to the learner to try and perfect some of the areas of weakness in the course if they hope to achieve the set goals and ambitions. Additionally, other areas of expertise in question include areas such humanistic adult education and progressive education. Despite the fact that these areas were interesting to learn and were also some of the areas that I would have to perfect for a full course and curriculum understanding, my scores were not as high as I had hoped they would have been. Regardless, the course is very interesting and insightful.

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