Educational Company Technology Audits

Educational Company Technology Audits

Companies and learning institutions use a huge information system that needs to be audited regularly in order to check the vulnerability of the information systems to attacks. The auditors are responsible for reviewing all the areas of the technological institutions that facilitate operations in companies and learning institutions hence when the security of the information systems is compromised the entire company and learning institution is also compromised in terms of security. Auditors are responsible for checking all the vulnerable areas within the company and ensuring that the company is secure from cyber-attacks.  Cyber-attacks have been increasing in the recent past making companies and learning institutions to carry out an audit in order to determine the areas where they might be vulnerable. The audits are meant to determine the risks areas for appropriate measures to be taken.

Universities have their own data centers that store information regarding the learning institutions, and the data centers store crucial information regarding the learning institutions hence the information need to be protected against access from unauthorized people (Rosli, Siew, & Yeow, 2016). The hackers try to gain access to the information of the learning institution that they then use for their gain. The audit is meant to ensure that data centers are secure from attacks by checking all the vulnerable areas and finding ways to fix the vulnerability.  Data is the most important thing in an information system; hence when it lands in the wrong hands that want to take advantage of their access, then the company will face negative impacts.





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