Edward Snowden Case Study

Part 1:

Write 2-3 paragraphs at the beginning of your paper explaining the three issues you want to address and why. 

The issue I want to address based on the case study is the security within the NSA, protection from terrorist organizations, and large scale unauthorized surveillance. If a low-level contract consultant like Edward was able to access highly classified information and even download it and leave the building without being detected, then there is a very big concern for national security. The security of the NSA comes into question. This means that a highly targeted data breach can be done effected.

Another issue evident from the case study is the possibility of terrorism. If Sweden was capable of easily accessing the information, it would be even much easier for hackers like a terrorist to gain access to the system, steal the data and pose a threat terrorist threat to the country. Thirdly, it was evident that NSA was spying on the Americans and other countries. NSA was collecting data from innocent Americans who posed no threat to the country. This raised concerns regarding privacy, constitutional rights, and international relationship concerns.

Part 2:

Write your mini-security policy following the template in textbook addressing the three issues you identified.

Even though this kind of security breach occurred to the NSA, it can also happen to any organization. BIG data should be seriously protected, and companies must put more strict policies and ensure that security evaluations are done frequently. Protection of being data can be done using encryption to hide data during transfer, setting data back up, and ensuring that sensitive data is handled only by a few trusted individuals within the company. Any breach to such data can have disastrous impacts on the nation.