Effects of Divorce in Kuwait

One of the most significant social challenges that my people face today is divorce. The divorce issues and its increasing rates in our societies today have threatened the lives of many to a greater extent. Divorces affect the social and personal life very profoundly. It leads to stress and lowers the success of the victims who then opt to change their lives. Most children are affected by divorce incidences of their children. In school, their performances are usually low because of the separation.

Similarly, these children exhibit a change in their behavior, and consequently, the separation interferes with their psychological developments. The divorced couples are also regarded as immoral, and the position among people has been considered unethical. The impact has led to the stigmatization of many who have undergone through divorce experiences. Similarly, divorce renders the lives of many children vulnerable significant risks. These problems include depression and lack of attention from both parents.

In our society today, academic achievements have remained lagging among most students due to divorce cases. Many of them fail to pursue higher education due to the splits among their parents. A divorced parent whose has been left in charge of many children has limited time checking the progress of their children but rather spend more time in their upkeeps. These children grow lazy and as a result score low marks in school. In Kuwait for, approximately seventy percent of these children have been diagnosed with poor attitudes towards school work. To some extent, these children drop out of school and fail to achieve mushin academics.

Divorce cases have bred the poverty status of our society. This is particular to children and women who live in a poverty-stricken state as they cannot afford basic needs due to separations. Amidst limited resources, several disruptions befell many children who cannot comprehend such changes in their social care. Poverty creates turmoil in their lives as care is reduced and eventually many resorts to street life due to lack of support. Lack of proper care and support also heightens the disorganization degree between children and their parents

The stress associated with divorce cases is the significant reason for underdevelopment in Kuwait. People have shifted focus in handling divorces issues at the expense of economic development. Most lives have been lost due to depression and suicide as the left couple fails to accept the new state. Besides, most children have also taken live due to violence and ideations that accompany some divorce process.

Divorce has also disrupted the Kuwait population growth. Most separations are evident during early marriages, a time when it is prime for child-bearing. As a result, the fertility rates of the couple drastically drop after divorce as they try to heal from depressions and heartbreak. Most couples have remained single after divorce thus risking the population stability of Kuwait as birth rates remain low. Most societies are imbalanced both socially, economically, and politically due to divorce case is my country.

Additionally, most children have indulgence in drug and substance abuse to relieve them from the anger associated with divorce. Most criminal cases in my country are as a result of divorces as the affected person tries to make ends meet. Many children have become delinquents and unable to concentrate on the future endure

In conclusion, it is necessary for my country to take proper action for the preservation and sanctity of marriage to reduce divorce cases. If the direct approach is not considered towards the increasing nature of divorce in Kuwait, the whole country will be diluted, and people will lose faith in long-lasting relationships. Similarly, the future generation will remain stunt across their social lives.




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