Effects of Drafting the Constitution of the United States

Effects of Drafting the Constitution of the United States

The Constitution of the United States established the national government and the federal laws of America as well as guarantees several rights to the citizens.The constitution acts as the turning point the citizens can converge from, before America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. The constitution has had a mild influence on future composition as well as the legal thinking of the citizens and leaders (Rossum 145). The amendments and the judicial review of the constitution motivated constitutionalism to create overt consideration of the nation’s future. Generally, the United States Constitution acts as an expression a diverging point by the Americans from the colonial. The paper focuses on discussing the impact of drafting the United States’ constitution on the Bill of rights (the ten amendments).

Drafting the constitution will lead to several parts of the ten amendments or the bill of rights altered. For example, in the first amendment different changes will be evident. The protection freedom of religion will lead to several denominations who are not focused on spiritual nourishment but material wealth. Many citizens will find great freedom to explore.

Additionally, according to Rossum,drafting the constitution will give the federal government more power to exploit her citizen especially in the eighth amendment which deters the court from setting unreasonably high bails on the culprits (Rossum 234). Citizens depend on the constitution to strengthen the rights; any alteration will mean that their presence is thwarted.

In conclusion, the first ten constitutional amendments protect the rights of the citizens as well as limit the government powers. Initially, the purpose of the constitution was to protect people’s freedom from the federal government. However, drafting the constitution may lead to the exploitation of the citizens by the federal government.



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