Eight Step Model

Supported decision making refers to the process of following eight consecutive steps before making an ethical decision. This ensures that the decision made is reasonable because there is room for consultations before arriving at a favorable decision. It starts with identifying the problem up to the last step of evaluating a decision (LIAO and Chien 47).  Besides, the unsupported model only allows one individual to have a say in the decision-making process.

A good example is the authoritarian parental method where one uses force to coerce the child to do things in a particular manner. Therefore, the person following the rules does so because of the fear of facing punishment. Also, in this approach decisions are made faster because no procedures are followed.

A supported method could be the best approach to the ethical decision-making process. This is because it follows all the steps of decision making before concluding. Secondly, the technique allows people to give their opinions before arriving at a particular decision(LIAO and Chien 22). Therefore, it eliminates the chances of making errors while making moral choices. Besides, the approach uses diplomacy in the process of making verdicts. The situation is contrary to the unsupported approach where threats are used to influence people. As a result, they might accept certain decisions that are against their wishes.

Moreover, the eight-step method allows individuals to modify their decisions before arriving at the final judgment. It makes many individuals and organization prefer it since it is flexible. The process also sees morals as being depended on the society and not the individual. Lastly, this technique considers the element of risk before making any choice. It measures the effects of any decision before rendering a verdict.



Work Cited

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