Elder Care in America

America is one of the countries which have an aging population increasing at a rapid rate. This factor is mainly contributed by the baby boom that took place and therefore the baby booms have become an aging population in the country. These individuals need proper care, primarily because of their non-working nature. Most of them are no able to take care of themselves regarding finances, health, and other factors(Dana. Par. 8). This, therefore, creates a need to provide proper care for the elderly. However, the challenge comes in because of a shortage of facilities and individuals who can afford the various types of care that this population needs. There are multiple types of concern that the elder needs in the USA (Jervis, 355). Among them include home care, institutional care and medical care among others. These cares have significant impacts on the lives of the elders since it can help to prolong their lives and make them have a comfortable experience at those old ages(Alive Inside.Org, par.8). However, the provision of this care to the elder is becoming a challenge, mainly due to the increasing demands and the complications that arise from it. This discussion therefore exploresthe issue of the aging population of America and their possible interventions to ensure their comfort.

The current situation in the USA

Currently, the USA has placed better measures that are used for better care to the elderly. However, the high rate of the population of the elder makes it difficult to provide affordable home care.  Several factors have continuously been challenging for the process. Among them include, the cost of offering both the home care and the nursing, institutional based care. According to the current rates, the average price is about $21 per hour(Dana. Par. 20).  This is about $5000 per month a factor that makes many individuals to shy away from it. Therefore cost is one major factor that has been a drawback in the caring for the elderly, either at home or in the nursing institutions

Furthermore, the increasing rate of the American population, especially the elderly has led to a reduced shortage of well-trained individuals to offer services to the elderly. The trained nurses who know how to deal with the various situations of the elderly is still a challenge. However, the nursing homes may have the required care givers but at a higher cost(Jervis, 352). This is also made difficult by the increasing population w of the elderly who cannot be accommodated in the nursing homes. It, therefore, raises a concern to the government to put the various strategies what may heal to deal with the problem.

Since the elderly are vulnerable population, their demands become challenging to the workers in the nursing homes. At the age above sixty, the health of individuals starts to deteriorate, making them need a high level of care(Alive Inside.Org, par.3).  The emotional demand of the elderly requires them to deal with the effect of stress that comes as a result of old age. Among them include depressions and other cases of traumas.

The fact that the demand for elders nursing solutions is becoming a demand in the current society makes it necessary to come in with practical solutions that would enable the elders’ population to get the service. One of the solutions is to train more of the nursing workers on the needs of the elders. This will enable the elders to gain access to the various services that can help in prolonging their lives(Dana. Par. 9). The trained personals on how to handle the demands of elders should be institutional base and learn how to deal with the various technicalities that arise in the process of taking care of them. Moreover, establishing more nursing homes could be one of the best approaches to safeguarding the interest of the aged population(The Eden Alternative. Par. 5). This requires providing with facilities which could help them carry their daily routine under the care of using professionals. It will also enable them to cope with the hard situation of survival especially by being assisted in those institutions for nursing(Haley,  par. 5). The process will also help to reduce the family burden and time of being physically present to the elderly individuals(Alive Inside.Org, par.2). The needs to attend to their medical needs, especially those individuals who battle with chronic diseases become an area of focus that may assist in ensuring the safety of the aging population of the country.

The USA government has a significant role to play in ensuring that the welfare of the aging population is taken to account. In this case, they have a responsibility of subsidizing the cost of the care provided through many processes. (Dana. Par. 12) In this case, they should fund the nursing homes for the elders and ensure that they get her services at a lower cost than it is currently placed. This process require the government to come up with policies that help individuals to save for their old ages stage of life through saving and medical insurance policies that will assist at later stages of life(Yeandle and Teppo, 12). Therefore, the responsibility to take care of the aged population must involve the government through proper planning for their needs.

Answers to elder care in America

Many elder care services are available in the USA today due to the existing demand.  Apart from family provided eldercare, there are many professional provided cares in the country. All these work for the benefit of the elderly and ensure their comfort in all their perspectives of life. Both these two categories have their unique advantages and disadvantages(Dana. Par. 11).

The family provided in-house care

This involves a service where elders remain at home with family members available to provide them with the elderly services or elders move to the homes of a family member to get the care service he or she needs(Alive Inside.Org, par.3). This type of service also requires a kind of care provided by the professional home worker to provide other care services for the elderly especially during the working hours when the family members are not around (Yeandle and Teppo, 10). Therefore, there are three categories of in-house elderly workers thy included, health aides, home workers, and housekeepers (The Eden Alternative. Par. 3). Housekeepers are hired to take care of the basic house chores such as laundry, cleaning, dusting, yard works, and others. , however, assist in in-depth household management and may do tasks such as meal preparation for the elderly, personal care service and ensuring that the medicine for the elderlies is taken according to the prescription by the doctor(Population Reference Bureau, par.3). Health aides are also health workers, and they have certified nursing assistant or other forms of visit nurses(Haley,  par. 6). They usually work for agencies, and hence the family negotiates for their services with the respective agencies(Alive Inside.Org, par.6). However, the government also allows families to directly hire health aiders without having to go through the agencies(Population Reference Bureau, par.5). These groups of an attendant are responsible for giving personal care tasks, therapy services, dispense medication, and report back to the primary care nurse for that elder.

The home-based nursing system for the elder has first’s particular advantage that makes it desirable in the country. Hiring from agencies to provide home care service has the power of getting a well-trained person to tackle the elders care (Alive Inside.Org, par.3). This is an advantage to hiring an independent worker who may not be trained and may not have the adequate skill to deal with the elderly.  Such individuals under agencies have power since they always undergo a continuous education and they are monitored by the agency, a factor that promotes accountability(Haley, par. 2). Agencies also provide backup care in case the usually hired worker is not available for a day or two(Alive Inside.Org, par.5). It, therefore, gives the opportunity to the hired home workers to have time for vacation, sickness leaf among others. Thus using an agency to get elder care services is one of the most recommended approaches

However, the use of agencies also comes with disadvantages. One of them is the fact that they are profit organizations that are motivated by money(Gerbman, 58). This makes their services expensive and may not be affordable. The agent workers are also less flexible about service hours and may not be available at the specific times that they are needed to offer critical care(Population Reference Bureau, par.5). This makes the independent workers more advantageous since their availability is guaranteed, therefore allowing the elderly to enjoy all the quality of their services.

Adult daycare service

This is an institutional based approach of offering adult care during the day. In this case, they provide the elders an opportunity to participate in primary social activities, receiving therapy services and contributing medical serves and also participating in education programs(Yeandle and Teppo, 12). They are good for elders who do not require round the clock services(Haley,  par. 6). They offer services that focus on social interaction and address medical needs as well. This helps the elderly to enjoy their lives and enable them to live in a happy and complete environment(Haley,  par. 5). It is only available during the endless regular business hours.

One of the advantage that this daycare service offer is that it is suitable for elders who do not need much attention, at the same time, becomes unsafe for them to remain at home alone. The cost of the care services ranges from $ 30 to $ 50 depending on the type of services to be offered. Often, the amount is played through a private arrangement(Haley,  par. 5). However, the Medicare can sometimes be used to cater for the care, especially those which involve the medical basis of engagementcare (Alive Inside.Org, par.3). One major disadvantage of the program is the fact that it is expensive and therefore May families shy away from it.

Independent living facilities

This is also an essential avenue for taking care of the elders in the USA. It offers the elders with an opportunity to rent or purchase an apartment within a campus or a complex that provide social activities, recreational, and transport services to the elders(Population Reference Bureau, par.6). Some may also provide medical care services to the elders, making it one of the most comfortable faculties for elders(Alive Inside.Org, par.5). There are other services for the elders which worth mentioning. Among them include assisted living facilities, which offer boarding care services for the elders, Nursing homes provide a permanent home for the elders and ensuring all services provided to them(Callahan, 12). There are also continuum care facilities that are vital for elders in their daily survivals.

Nursing homes

The nursing homes have been among the major facilities that g have been of demands for decades today. There are three types of nursing homes that exist(Population Reference Bureau, par.6). They include primary care, skilled care, and sub-acute care. The central role of nursing homes is to provide residents with daily activities(Yeandle and Teppo, 15). These homes contain professional nurses and nurse, and the facility may not be private. It includes housekeepers who are responsible for taking care of the elders and making sure that they monitor their health n on a regular basis (Gerbman, 50). The facility is ideal for elders who need 24-hour-care with health complication and maybe do not have families that may offer to give them 24-hour clock care (Dana. Par. 10). Among the services provided in nursing homes include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy they are crucial in helping the elders on developing their daily routines through understanding the concepts that may be necessary for their survivals.

Literature researches

The traditional care services offered to the elders for the past years have always focused on the basic requirement that the old need. Such requirement s ranges from the daily routine, laundry, food, and the other cleaning service(Haley,  par. 4). However, the in improving technologies and the increased number of complications at old age make it accessory to look for more advanced functions for the elderly. It is for this reason for the government to establish initiatives that promote the care services to the elderly (Callahan, 13). Through the affordable care act, and the Medicaid, the elders, can access health facilities at a lower price and get the best devices ever. The care law allows the elders to be treaded based on the old-age diseases and the other critical conditions (Alive Inside.Org, par.7). This has adversely helped in achieving the best care for the elders and enables them to get guidance for them. This is essential especially in creating a society that is sensitive to the demands of the aging population and creating comfort.

Many institutions have been created that offer pure carter for the elderly and ensuring that they are in the best position to manage their lives(Yeandle and Teppo, 12). This factor is based on the home visits them offer and safeguarding the interest of those elders in a more dynamic way that takes care of the needs for the elders. These mark the modern day’s services to the elderly, and they have how a lot of benefits the elders in the USA.    Among the known institutions which offer such services include Eden lifelong(Population Reference Bureau, par.3). It is considered as an alternative since the service sit offers are beyond the traditional care for the elderly In USA. The fact that it is a non-profit organization makes it in a particular class that is determined to better the lives of the elders without considering the profit motive in it(Kaup, 101). In this case, they odder such individual adequate care as long as they may live and ensure that they get proper education based on the diet and other health aspects. The institution also supports the unique needs of the different environment that cover nursing homes up to various neighborhoods (Haley, par. 5). They are motivated with a principle of creating a better life for the elders and ensuring that they live long and healthy lives(Yeandle and Teppo, 12). Most individuals who are registered with the organizations are, and in most cases, they don’t need to live in nursing homes (Population Reference Bureau, par.2). However, Eden long-life ensures that they visit such homes to ensure that tall the elders get proper care in the US.

Unlike the traditional care for the elders in the USA, Eden Long-life is a program that is based on conventional education; its role is teaching the elders a healthy living and how to deal with the chronic diseases that emanate at the old age (The Eden Alternative. par 3). In this case, it is not based on daycare. Or provision of a nursing home. An individual elder can get the services by registering with the organization and therefore capable of communicating with them on a regular basis. This is, therefore, an advance met to the care service to the elderly and an elderly beater population in the country.

The growing inside coalition is also an organization which has specialized in providing insight for the elderly in the US. It aims to provide a living solution to the elderly population through a routine exercise and an elderly exercise supporting machines (Haley,  par. 3).  This organization offers various kinds of therapies to the elders and ensures that they live in a relaxed environment. It is based on a brain study that promotes the social lives and the interaction approaches among the elders. (Yeandle and Teppo, 12) All these are aimed at improving the lives of the elderly through ensuring a better experience and health support. A growing coalition is also a non-profit organization and helps to change the lives of the elderly population in the USA.

The needs to address the health of the aging population are one of the areas of focus for the modern non-profit organization today. Most of them have identified the deficiencies, especially those that affect the elder’s interns of health and attention. For this reason, providing social life support based on heals becomes a significant area of focus(Kaup, 108). It is for this reason that both Alive Inside and Eden Long-life have fiercely come out to support the need of the elders through holding a life education.


The need to support better living for the elders in the USA is a significant concern today. Most individuals beyond age sixty-five find it complicated to deal with their daily routine. At this stage, they need serious attention based on their deteriorated health(Yeandle and Teppo, 17). Most of them have also been neglected by their families, especially the younger generations. It is for this reason for the creation of care services. They aim at enhancing a better living of the elderly through a nursing approach that support them. Many individuals and institutions in the country have specialized in offering care services to the state. They are aimed at ensuring that the elders get extended life support in all aspects of their lives. Hiring private caretakers was a common approach of dealing with the old age. However, t with the society becoming more organized, advanced care are available to ensure that the elders are adequately taken care of in the current system.


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