Elderly Discussion Forum : All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Elderly Discussion Forum : All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)


This is a discussion assignment.

1. Conduct an Internet search for a government or community program whose focus is to help the elderly maintain independent, non-institutionalized living. 

 2. Describe at least one program and discuss how the program benefits elderly people in maintaining their independence. Example: Transportation, Day care centers, Home visits, etc.

3. Your initial post should show critical analysis of the topic and must be supported by evidence from the literature. 

4. The word limit for this part of the assignment is 250-300 words. 

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1. Respond to one (1) of your classmates no later than 11:55pm CST Thursday of Week 6.

2. Your response to your classmate should be concise but should show critical analysis of your classmate’s program selection.

3. Support your discussion with one resource from your literature search, which is different than the initial post.  

4. Cite and reference your work.

5. The word limit for this part of the assignment is 150-200 words. 

This portion of the assignment is due by Thursday of Week 6 by 11:55 PM CST.


Single space your posts, but double space between paragraphs.

Citations and references must be in APA formatting.



Living independently for the elderly can be enjoyable and rewarding. It is possible for the elderly to maintain quality of life and their dignity while living at home independently so long as their living needs are met (Yee-Melichar et al., 2015). There are several programs out there that make this possible.

Among them is the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). This program assists individuals that are 55 years and above by way of [cmppp_restricted] coordinating and providing all types of care that seniors living at home might need. This includes personal care, medical care, social interaction, transportation, rehabilitation and medications (Pace4you.org, 2019).

With PACE, thousands of families are able to find a better kind of care for their elderly loved ones. This makes it possible for the elderly to remain in the community without having to be in nursing homes. The elderly become independent since they no longer require someone to take them from one appointment to another and manage all the relevant medications. There is also that element of fear that gets eliminated since there is no struggle trying to leave a loved one home alone without the necessary supervision and interaction that they need and want (Pace4you.org, 2019). The independence gained works to make everyone happy and ensures that everyone carries out their activities with ease.

In order to qualify, one ought to be certified by the relevant state that they need nursing home care and ought to live in a PACE service area. The individual involved should also be 55 years and above and have the ability to live safely in the community with PACE service’s help.




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