Elevator Speech

Hello! I am _____________. Currently, I am studying a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and am expecting to graduate in December. Besides management and finance, I am also very passionate about the environment. I am looking for an opportunity to work in an organization that shares the same passion.

My main interest is in developing management strategies that go outside the box. My main focus is on new products especially those that are environmentally-sensitive because they excite me. In my research about your company, I have discovered that you have new ideas of products that do not currently have a financing formula and are not in the market. I feel I can help in the management of these new brands

I am very innovative and aggressive in my management and finance career. For instance, I was able to design an effective financing formula for a new product in a local firm that I was interning for. This new formula was evident due to the increased production and profitability of the product in the company.

I deeply think that my skills can be helpful and beneficial in enhancing your company’s productivity and financial management. In this regard, I’d love to know more about your organization and to discuss the many ways in which my skills can be put to use in your company.



Sjodin, T. L. (2012). Small message, big impact: The elevator speech effect.


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