Emirates Airlines Changes in CEO


Change is a common occurrence in the modern dynamic and competitive economy. It is, therefore, necessary for the management of any organization to have a strategic plan to deal with any change in an organization to ensure perpetuity and competence in flourishing organization. Emirates airlines have been successful over the years even after handing over of the presidency to Tim Clark from Sir Maurice Flanagan in 2003. It will therefore be essential for the Clark successor to have a clear picture of the management process in the organization and the expected challenges in the management of the airline which is among the leading airlines in the world.

Problem Statement

Despite the continuous increase in profits made by the organization, it is worth noting that there are numerous challenges that the incoming CEO must address to ensure that the organization continues realizing the expected results. The incoming person must be a perfect replacement who will ensure sustainability of the business entity.

One of the major challenges that the incoming CEO must deal with is the intensive competition experienced by the airline. The key regional competitors of the Emirates airlines include Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airlines and Qatar Airways. With this in mind, the Emirates airline has over the years been faced with the challenge of anticompetitive claims. The ownership differences have been one of the main causes of conflict between Emirates Airlines and other competitors. They claimed that the airline had unfair advantages such as implicit government underwriting of debt issuances and other preferential treatment from the government.  Despite the endless efforts by the organization to defend itself, charges of unfair competition are still eminent and have been used by some countries to restrict the airline from accessing their airports.

Another major area of concern is the airport congestion that is eminent in the near future. It is worth noting that there are several airlines that have the operations in the Dubai airport. The more than 150 airlines ferrying more than 60 million passengers have caused a lot of congestion in the runway and other airport facilities. It is, therefore, important for the incoming CEO to have a strategic plan to decongest the airport and other essential facilities.

Another problem that the incoming CEO must deal with is the dynamic nature of the airline industry. It is important for the management to rethink its mega-hub model to suit the demanding nature of the industry. There has been a continuous expansion of the network to more distant destinations. The incoming CEO must think beyond Dubai to other destinations to increase the profitability of the airline. It is the obligation of the management to carry out a feasibility study of the potential new markets.

The other major area of concern is the leadership change that is eminent.  Since the replacement of Tim Clark is not in the ranks of the management in the Emirates airlines, it is clear that he needs to be at par in order to continue with the excellent work carried out by his predecessors. The leadership change must be adequately addressed central the growth trajectory which has been maintained over the years.

Problem solution

After proposing the eminent issues in the Emirates airlines, it is imperative that we suggest the possible solutions to the problem.  This will be instrumental to the perpetual flourishing of the Emirates Airlines. For instance, the level of competition has been very stiff in the airline industry. Though the organization is the largest operator in Dubai, the organization faces stiff competition from other airlines such as Turkish Airlines and the Etihad Airways. To address this issue, it is recommended that the organization must differentiate its operations from those offered by the competitors.  It is also essential to have an innovative team that will help design and develop its distinct types of planes. It is also recommended that the organization must have a strong legal team that will be able to deal with the anticompetitive claims against the airline.

Another approach that the new CEO must adopt is to make the necessary steps towards decongesting of the airport. The organization must work together with the management of the airport to ensure that there are sufficient facilities and ease congestion. Emirates and other airlines should conform with the airports plans of shifting some of its operations to the newly built airports. Nevertheless, it approaches to conforming to such directives should be handled with care to avoid the risk of disrupting its mega hub.

It is also advisable for the organization to expand its network to further destinations. The incoming CEO must be able to define markets to maintain the trajectory growth experienced by the airline over the years. There have been forecasts of growth and development for trans-pacific routes for travels between Australia and America. It is also recommendable for the organization to venture into other European markets prior to regulatory approval.

Understanding the necessary solutions to the eminent problem will be vital to the success of the Emirates airlines. It will be essential for the incoming manager to understand the culture and objectives of the organization to maintain the desired levels of outcome. Strategic management is critical especially in the dynamic airline industry.  The competitive nature of the industry calls for proper understanding of the market for improved performance. It is, therefore, essential for CEO to adjust to the above recommendations since he has the obligation of maintaining the required standards of the organization.


As earlier stated, it is worth noting that change is a common occurrence in the modern day business. As explained by Joan Magretta, the greatest challenge is how to cope with the changes as far as management is concerned. It is recommendable for the management of the organization to command change rather just reacting to its simulations. The incoming CEO must learn to accept change and cultivate a competitive edge for the organization. It is clear that Emirates Airlines have registered a trajectory growth over the years. It is, therefore, important for the new CEO to maintain such standards since the organization culture must be maintained at whatever costs.

Emirates Airlines is a global airline company with global presence. The organization is a multibillion investment and it is, therefore, important to ensure that its presidency is not compromised.  It is worth noting that the incoming president must make sure that there is significant connectivity all over the round. It is also important for the president to see that all the resources endowed by the organization are spent in the best interest of the organization. The organization must also be conversant and conform to the global rules and regulations which will also play a significant role in a successful strategic management for change.

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