Emotions at Work

How do the rescue and fire fighter employees keep their emotions balanced?

The rescue team and the fire fighter employees use the following techniques to keep their emotions balanced. First, they stay focused, develop and stick to the plan. Focusing on the developed plan enables them to think rationally and come up with better ways to respond to the problem. Besides, the rescue and fire fighter employee find it useful when they avoid getting too emotional with the problem they face. Second, the employees rely mostly on their training when faced with challenges. Training enable them to follow the guidelines and reduce stress level. Lastly, they develop sense of humor and maintain good working relationship with their co-workers. Therefore, this provide a working environment conducive to everyone.

How do you handle your emotions at work?

I normally handle my emotions by finding something positive about the problem. The small change about the positive aspect of the situation usually make a difference in my life by improving my mood. If that does not work, I will take charge of my breathing. Breathing deeply and several times help me fight emotion by calming my nervous system.

How might emotional intelligence help us keep emotions in balance? 

Emotional intelligence is essential since it helps an individual to build stronger relationship with others, succeed and achieve both personal and career goals (Sala, 2013). Therefore, it keeps our emotions in balance by helping us determine our emotional state and also the emotional state of others. For example, in a situation that a client frustrates my co-worker for something he/she did, it will be awful to tell my co-worker that he/she did something wrong because he/she will be emotionally distracted.

What did you learn from this video clip about how to keep emotions in check?

After viewing the video, I learned that for me keep my emotions in check, I need to follow the procedure set for a particular task. This will help me think rationally and also avoid the emotional connection. Moreover, it is important not to take yourself too seriously. Therefore, a person should act as normal.



Sala, H. J. (2013). Making Your Emotions Work for You: Coping with Stress, Avoiding Burnout, Overcoming Fear … and More. Nashville: B & H Pub. Group.



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