Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening entails having the ability to listen to another individual while showing aspects of empathy. This entails emotional identification, feeling, compassion and insight. The basic principle involved is seeking to understand the other person, before being understood (Worthington & Fitch-Hauser, 2015).  One should also aim at connecting emotionally with the affected party while attempting to connect cognitively at the same time. It is more of an active listening proponent. Concentration is more on how the other party is feeling.

This explanation brings back the memories of a conversation that I had with my friend Johnson some months ago. It was late in the evening when I visited his apartment for some chat as we discuss a new venture that we wanted to indulge in. I knocked for some time without getting any response. It was somewhat weird since he knew about the meeting, which was supposed to take place in his house. I decided to call him, and he picked the phone with a tone that I was not used to. Johnson opened the door looking like “shit.” “I did not think it was you on the door and that is why I was not responding.” Those were the only words that came from his mouth as he ushered me in. “What is wrong with you mate”? I was eager to know what was going on, so I was quick to ask even before I went in. I was used to seeing a jovial Johnson full of life and passion. At first, I thought he was sick or something.

“I never thought Samantha would do this to me,” is the only thing h

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