Employer Research MEMO


To: Course instructor
Date: 7/23/2019
Re: Employer Research Assignment


The memo is about an assignment about employer research

What are the primary qualities employers seeking job applicants in your chosen field?

In my field, my employers seek the following qualities when selecting the right employee;

  • The employee should have adequate communication skillswhich are essential in forming active dialogue amongst the senior staff, director generals, executive officers, and the entire working staff. Commination skills are not only about shaping a productive conversation, but also deliver information in the social media platforms or even through electronic mail, in other words, written communication.
  • Leadership qualities is an essential consideration in seeking new employees. A potential employee should be part of a team and also should display confidence in leading the other staff in official duties in their respective working environment.
  • The employee should be a team player, where they should be able to work together with other staff in achieving the objectives of the working place.
  • The employer should exhibit adequate technical skills and display the ability to solve problems as well.

Have employers’ expectations changed over the last ten years? If so, why?

The expectations of employees have changed in the last ten years. The reason for the change is due to the changes in the industrial revolution where nowadays information is the primary source of generating income. With the progressive changes in the industrial era, the move has also been put in effect in the employment industry. Initially, a skilled and an egocentric candidate would quickly get the job, but in the current trends, the skilled person needs to be a team player who would add value by taking part in a task with other staff. Besides, the individual should also be collaborative with the managerial staff.

Skills are required more than academic qualifications in the current era. Having an undergraduate degree is not a full guarantee of acquiring a job. The modern employee should be able to have additional skills that the employer would find admirable and favorable for the development of the company.

What is the chance that your generation will face six or seven career changes in your lifetime?

The chances of our generation changing careers are specific. As earlier mentioned, the information era means that many people would be able to access new information that would be important in learning a new skill to manage a new career.

Creation of new jobs is another indicator that the millennials are likely to shift from one career to the other.  For instance, the nature of Facebook, Uber and other ventures would likely make the millennials change to a job that is convenient to them or even has better pay. On an average scale, a current employee stays in their workplace for an average of 4 years. Four years on a job would equip them with the necessary skills that would make them start their ventures that create extra pay.

What should you do to prepare yourself to enter the workforce?   

One should prepare themselves psychologically to be a learner in the workforce. The mental preparedness is essential for it equips the employee with the zeal to learn faster and become part of the task force.

Through internship programs, potential employees could gain the skills needed to work in the working environment. The internship program is essential as well as helpful for it equips the new employee with the necessary details that they can adopt while developing their career.

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