Employment Testing

Response to Alexander Lodi

Great work Alexander, employment testing is common in today’s business world. The aim of every business is to improve on productivity and thus the need to employ the best candidate. I think there is need to review some of the methods employers use to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants. Take for example the aptitude test, which is used to assess the candidate’s numeracy, verbal understanding and diagrammatic reasoning.  Psychologists need to conduct more research and determine whether the aptitude test is a good assessment of one’s skills.  In addition, they should determine whether there are other secondary factors that can affect ones results in an aptitude test. Something like self-esteem may be able can affect ones result.

The video you accessed through InfoBase Films on Demand.  “Psychometric Testing and Employment explains that different tests are made for different roles, like when good inductive and abstract reasoning scores materialize, the individual will probably be good at problem solving. Is this really a good determinant of one’s skills? Psychologists need to tell us whether skills portrayed in a test are relayed in real life experiences. I might be good in solving a problem described in a test but very poor in a real life problem.  I agree with you that these tests should not be solely used to determine ones abilities.

Your work is well formatted with well-relayed paragraphs. However, your description of the primary source is very short.  I think you did not concentrate much on the primary source given that the critique and the suggestion for further research are also short. In addition, now that it was you writing the paper, the headings could have changed. For example the last heading could have been “suggestion for further research” since it is you suggesting.


Psychometric Testing and Employment [Video file]. (2013). In Films On Demand. Retrieved March 1, 2016, from fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=102631&xtid=53207

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