Empowerment of Employees

Allison Todd in her article “Get Your Employees To Work Like Nobody’s Watching” describes three things that can be done to encourage employees. The first idea is that a safe environment should be created for the employees (Todd, 2014). As a leader, implementing such an idea will be helpful min the organization. Most of the time, employees fail to try new things due to the fear of failure and its consequences. So as a leader, I would encourage the employees to be innovative and try any new things and ideas without the fear of any consequences. I would encourage them that failing is the first step to success.

The second idea is that risk taking should be rewarded (Todd, 2014). Recognising the efforts of an employee is very encouraging to the employee. An encouraged employee is a motivated employee. To implement this idea, I would come up with a rewarding program. Any employee who took a risk in trying a new thing would receive a reward based on the degree of risk involved and the success. However, those who failed would still receive a reward to encourage then to try again. Money would be set aside to fund the reward program.

The third idea was that participation should be encouraged from all levels (Todd, 2014). In most organizations, the non-management employees are rarely given a chance to come up with new ideas. In implementing this idea, I would call a meeting for all the employees and inform them about innovation and the rewarding program. I would have to insist that all employees will be treated equally in this program. In addition, it would be god to indicate that all idea s are welcome no matter who came up with the idea.



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