End of life: Physician-Assisted Suicide

Thesis statement: There are a lot of debates on the idea of Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and Euthanasia where some people argue that in other cases one might procure an assisted suicide. The advocates of these points have often argued on the ethical consideration found in the situation that one is under so much pain and might need to secure assisted suicide.
1. Introduction
A. Definition
i. Physician-assisted suicide also known as euthanasia can be defined as a situation where a person’s life is taken away to end the pain that they are going through or as a punishment for a particular crime.
B. Situations that lead to physician-assisted suicide
i. In the case where one is in severe pain and chances of survival are minimal
ii. When a court judge sentences a person to a death penalty for the crime they committed and a dosage is injected into their bloodstream which leads to a slow death.
2. Arguments supporting physician-assisted suicide
A. Easing of the painful situation which may look like torture
i. Instead of living a person to undergo so much pain as a reason for the sickness that they are experiencing, it might be better if these individuals just such a procedure Farmers have become aware of the optimum time to start and harvest their crops.
B. Acts as a lesson to criminals
i. A criminal gets to be punished for the first class mistakes that they have committed.
ii. Those with a similar intention of committing such crimes get to rethink about their actions due to the consequences
C. Some societies accept it
i. Arguments for PAS or euthanasia is that of allowing these issues to permeate the society, especially for a mental condition, would mean that the culture is accepting that some suicides are okay.
3. Arguments against physician-assisted suicide
A. Views it as a crime
i. No one has the right to take the life of a person despite the circumstances and some view physician-assisted suicide as a crime.
B. Some societies are against it
i. Some societies and culture are opposed to the issue of the ending of the life of a person, and some argue that a curse may follow anyone who does that.
4. Conclusion
i. Everyone will come to die at their own time and instead of letting a person suffer there are those who prefer ending their lives
ii. On the other hand, there are those who are against such a move and view it as crime or murder.
iii. This debate is a continuous one, and many research studies have been done to determine the right course to take