Endangered Plants

The endangered plant Dudleya hendrixii is just one among the many endangered plants in the world. It is unfortunate that very few people take action to try and protect these plants. It is crucial to note that plants just like animals need protection from extinction. The reason why most of our plantation get extinct is that no one has taken the time to notice them. The idea of naming plants after legend is one of the best ways of ensuring that certain crops stay in the memories of people forever. It is through such memories that people will take a step to conserve crops because they will always find a reason to protect the plants. Farming activities and livestock grazing is the reason why some species are endangered. As people plow land for farming, for example, they clear all the plantations in the farm as they refer to them as weed, such an activity kills some species completely because humans may feel that they need to plant a crop more familiar to them and have knowledge of their benefits. For the sake of our future generation, it will be vital that we try as much as possible to preserve the endangered species by discouraging activities that led to their extinction as well as planting as many of these crops as possible.  An endangered plant like Georgia aster, for example, was once spread across prairies and southern meadows but is currently a rare product due to the destruction and suppression of wildlife. It is an excellent plant for the garden and its flowers more profusely in full sun, but it tolerates filtered shade. We need to preserve such beauty, and therefore it is essential for humans to control their activities to protect endangered plants. The existence of all plantations beautifies and completes our ecosystem, we should not, therefore, do away with a particular plant just because we feel it is useless to us.


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