Endangered species

Endangered species are animals or plants at the verge of extinction due to loss of habitat and genetic variation. The topic of sustaining biodiversity and ecosystems discusses ways to protect the environment from human made activities such as pollution and deforestation that result in an unfavorable climate for plants and animals. Endangered species are as a result of adverse climatic conditions that influence their genes and habitat. So, knowledge on sustaining biodiversity will help us make decisions that have little or no impact on the ecosystems which are home and habitats for all plant and animal species.


The term endangered species is related to living things given that plants and animals become extinct when the physical components of the world such as water bodies, forests, caves, and soil are tampered with and become unable to sustain specific plants and animals. Despite efforts to make the environment suitable for all living things, many animals and plants have continued to die. This has made global sustainability hard to achieve since because the endangered species cannot survive on new habitats. Naming animals and plants at the verge of extinction endangered is a technique being used to create awareness of the menace, and identify ways to deal with it.


I will join a local organization that advocates for systematic tree logging.

The “Save endangered species” initiative is against unplanned tree logging in all forests in the state. Rampant cutting of trees in forests without replanting leads to habitat fragmentation and loss of biodiversity. Destroying a plant or animal habitat alters their ecosystem causing them to be exposed to danger such as hunger, diseases for animals and death for both plants and animals.

Given my passion for sustainability and biodiversity, I will start an awareness campaign on the importance of sustaining our biodiversity and ecosystems, with the help of some of my classmates who share my sentiments. We can present the state government with a suggestion that people cutting trees or hunting without a license serve a jail term of six years. I believe the two initiatives will go a long way towards ensuring environmental and biodiversity sustainability.


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