ENG3U Course Summary

The course information catalogue is intended for future students and especially those with an interest in ENG3U. The main purpose is to provide students with the relevant information pool regarding the course and to help them in making a decision to take the course. It is therefore intended to provide a sneak peak into the contents of the course that the students undertake. In the future, students taking the course will employ more practical skills in dissecting literature works. Indeed, the inclination of the course in the future is geared towards providing a holistic approach to the study of the English language for the benefit of the students. The future students have the benefit of attaining reading and writing skills and strategies from the course that can be applied to other units. Ultimately, future students have the opportunity of improving their communication skills in the English language by taking this course.

Essay – Love is the precedent of betrayal

The theme of love has been a constant feature in most of the literary works published over time. Indeed, the case is often depicted as a story of people falling in love with each other and their exploits thereof. However, the possibilities of establishing a true relationship based on love are often overshadowed by betrayal. A closer analysis of these publications reveals the underlying basis of love as betrayal which often manifests itself through selfishness. Macbeth for instance as well as Still Stands the House reveals instances of betrayal in what was perceived as love beforehand. In addition, it is often the case that the instances of betrayal are preceded by false identifications of brewing love betwee

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