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The course information catalogue is intended for future students and especially those with an interest in ENG3U. The main purpose is to provide students with the relevant information pool regarding the course and to help them in making a decision to take the course. It is therefore intended to provide a sneak peak into the contents of the course that the students undertake. In the future, students taking the course will employ more practical skills in dissecting literature works. Indeed, the inclination of the course in the future is geared towards providing a holistic approach to the study of the English language for the benefit of the students. The future students have the benefit of attaining reading and writing skills and strategies from the course that can be applied to other units. Ultimately, future students have the opportunity of improving their communication skills in the English language by taking this course.

Essay – Love is the precedent of betrayal

The theme of love has been a constant feature in most of the literary works published over time. Indeed, the case is often depicted as a story of people falling in love with each other and their exploits thereof. However, the possibilities of establishing a true relationship based on love are often overshadowed by betrayal. A closer analysis of these publications reveals the underlying basis of love as betrayal which often manifests itself through selfishness. Macbeth for instance as well as Still Stands the House reveals instances of betrayal in what was perceived as love beforehand. In addition, it is often the case that the instances of betrayal are preceded by false identifications of brewing love between somehow related characters. Consequently, the existence of love between characters is often the precedent of betrayal that is often manifested through selfish deeds.

The onset of love signals the time-bomb that is betrayal and its inherent disruption. Perhaps Still Stands the House provides the perfect example of a love that is often disrupted by instances of betrayal. The narration depicts Warren’s family as living in peace in the traditional house that stands in the way of blizzards. Although the house does not conform to the strong blizzards blowing against it, the picture of love between the family of Warren and especially between Bruce and Hester is only but a false mirage. In fact, the good relationship between the siblings is portrayed as a perfect example of unconditional sibling love. However, trouble begets when Hester suspects Bruce of plotting to sell their land behind her back. Indeed, these actions constitute betrayal by the brother and set in the worst consequences. The decision by Hester not to fill the lanterns can be interpreted as a plot to revenge against Bruce and his wife, Ruth. Consequently, this incident of betrayal sets the two up against death as they walk straight into the blizzard, freezing to death. Clearly, what had been depicted as a union of love was only but a precedent of series of betrayal that culminates into the deaths of Bruce and Ruth.

The most worrying fact about betrayal within love is that it is discovered after the damage has been caused. In fact, most cases end up with the dissolution of the unions upon discovery of the cases of betrayal. In the play, Macbeth, the concept of betrayal is expressed at the beginning of the book with the King finally stripping Thane of Cawdor of his title for betrayal. Ironically, Macbeth is rewarded but the king has no knowledge of the form of betrayal that is to beset his kingdom. In this scene, the play supports the claim that love is also a precedent of betrayal because the king had trusted in the loyalty of his two servants only to be betrayed twice. In another instance, the witches betray both Banquo and Macbeth by telling them that their families would harbor kings in the future.

Still, betrayal always finds itself through the people that are closets to its victim. Although Macbeth believed that his wife truly loved him, she only wished to use him in gaining power and wealth. Nowhere is this assertion confirmed within the book than at the time that his wife commits suicide instead of helping him fight of competition. Still, betrayal manages to creep in through people that are very close when Macduff runs off to Scotland thereby betraying his own family. Although these actions are for the good of the kingdom, he leaves his family behind to be murdered by Macbeth. Ultimately, the onset of betrayal strikes at a time when people think they are happily in love.

Betrayal happens to creep into the concept of love through instances of selfishness and isolation. Indeed, love is always crippled by betrayal and the former is always a precedent of the latter. Different instances in Macbeth and Still Stands the House reveal the incidence of betrayal in situations where love was presumed to exist. Betrayal is depicted as a precedent of love which manifests itself through instances of selfishness. Moreover, betrayal in relationships coated with love often occurs through people that are closets to the victims.


The ENG3U course has been a blessing to my academic progression. Indeed, the course has benefitted me through increased skills in writing, listening, speaking and reading. In the future, students will learn the importance of note-taking and comprehension skills in understanding different concepts in literature. The course has been a significant addition as I have gained immense skills necessary for my coursework. In the end, I am now a better reader, speaker, listener and writer based on the knowledge I have acquired from the course. In particular, my comprehension skills have improved from the course work I have undertaken including unit assignments.

In the course of my learning, I have identified that my presentation and communication skills are at par. In fact, the use of these skills combination has helped me in writing my assignments more effectively. In particular, the use of note taking strategies aided in my comprehension of different topics. Further, strengths in my presentation skills also helped improve the quality of my presentations and resulted in better media texts. However, there are weaknesses that need to be addressed before I can boast of having an excellent skill set. My listening skills have been disadvantage as I find myself opting for written over audio material.



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