Entrepreneurs Organization: Professional Organization

Entrepreneurs Organization: Professional Organization

Success in business depends on who you know, Partnerships and relationships with the right individuals are key to expanding the customer base and accessing quality resources for the business. One way of finding appropriate individuals and partnerships is through business groups and professional associations. They serve as important avenues of networking. However, before joining any of these groups, one needs to be certain that the benefits offered by the group suit their business needs. One such professional association is the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

EO is among the most influential community of entrepreneurs. For one to be a member of the Organization, they are required to be a founder, majority stakeholder or owner of a business that has not earned less than $ 1 million in the most recent financial year (Entreprenuers Organization). Venture-backed businesses need to have publicly- raised funds of $5 million and not less than ten workers or privately-raised funds of not less than $2 million. At the heart of the Organization’s mission is an undying commitment to assist young entrepreneurs in growing and learning on a professional and personal scale.  The organization values integrity and considers it among its core priorities. EO also considers non-solicitation and non-judgment to be non-negotiable.

As an entrepreneur, joining the organization comes with numerous benefits. For starters, one will enjoy the ability to tap into a group of many fellow stakeholders who can offer meaningful advice based on their experiences (Entreprenuers Organization). Another significant benefit of joining the organization is that members get to attend any global event held by the organization. EO hosts many events in different places globally throughout the year; members can attend these events which integrate provocative learning programs with various resources and outstanding social venues.



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