Environmental Choices and Policies

Environmental Choices and Policies

Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet

The planet earth has diverse types of features in comparison to other satellites and planets that are found in the solar system. Its revolution, rotation, climate, status, and temperature are regarded as the most integral aspects. The distance between the earth and the sun is 15 crore kilometers. The earth is appropriate habitat for living organisms because of its distinct and favorable features. The air, shelter, and food required for living organisms are availed to living organisms from the earth. Different types of organisms and creatures live in diverse natural locations such as rivers, sea, and land where each of the sites is an essential constituent of the earth. Human beings should regard the universe as their “common house” since it is a habitat for many living organisms.

Sustainability and Green Living

Sustainability and green living guide offers access to resources and materials thus allowing consumers and citizens to reduce their footprint on planet earth. For sustainable survival, human beings should behave in ways that are reliable with the fundamental norms of sustainability, in accepted balance and respectful of the symbiotic relationship of humanity with the natural ecology of the Earth as well as the respective biological processes. A living style of that nature prompts for serious efforts in reducing the carbon footprint by changing transportation methods, diet, and energy consumption. Sustainable living in the 21st century can be described as a change to renewable sources of energy and economic reuse with a differentiated transport system.

Environment Relationship Search – Ray Anderson: “The business logic of sustainability

The video highlights how Ray learned about the ecology of commerce which is regarded as a principal perpetrator of the weakening of the biosphere and the most prominent institution that has the mandate to fix the challenge. The equation for environmental impact is Technology X Population X Affluence = Impact. The focus of Ray as the CEO of a company that manufactures carpets was mainly in the side of ‘technology’ where his objective was to utilize technology to improve the surroundings. The effect of this strategy was to change the impact of Population X Affluence/Technology=Impact. Since accepting this objective, his greenhouse emissions reduced by up to 82% whereas his profits doubled and sales increased by 2/3rds. Ray’s objective is still zero effect and is better for the business because it will be an essential market differentiator.

Response 1 – Natural Beauty by Brenda Arguello

I agree with Brenda’s post about the natural beauty that the environment offers to human beings and their significance. Nature should, therefore, be regarded as a relevant constituent for proper mental and physical health even though it is also true that the same human beings put it at risk. Nature’s beauty offers a thoughtful effect on the senses of human beings, whether it leads to feelings such as amazement, awe or wonder. I agree with the post that human beings should take good care of the earth’s natural beauty because it is the only planet that can support life.

Response 2 – Jason Clay Video by Kimberly

I agree with Kimberly that most of the weight falls upon the money when commencing the change towards sustainability. The ability of consumers to ask for improved production practices requires a lot of ties to convert the same to a motivated corporation. I further agree that the acquisition of cooperation from large companies motivates other corporations since they would also want to follow suit. Companies should, therefore, make sustainable production before the beginning of competition for products because it helps in the reduction of the need to convince other individuals to maintain sustainability in case the supply is all green.