Essay 1: The Narrative

Essay 1: The Narrative

School life is always tied up with multiple events that can stick in one’s mind for a lifetime. There are those events that represent the enjoyable of part school life while others represent the worst part of it. Among the enjoyable events included engaging in extracurricular activities, passing exams, going out on trips in the school bus, and having nice with friends among others. Besides, the worst moments included unending punishments due to failing exams or turning up late for classes. All those events enabled me to grow up as a strong person. Although every student in my high school seemed to be having similar problems ranging from class activities to other home-related issues, we had many other differences that made each of us special in one way. Some students recorded excellent performances in class while others did so in extracurricular activities. All the same, each of my classmates had their own dreams and ambitions about their future.

Among my classmates in high school, there was one boy who used to be my closest friend. His name was Clinton. He was humble and welcoming at the same, and this made me stay close to him. Despite his recommendable character and other admirable qualities, Clinton never performed well in class. During results announcements, his name was always the last one to be mentioned. I had tried to help him level up by organizing reading sessions with him, but that did not change any of his grades. Many of my other classmates avoided contacts due to his poor performance in class. As a result, I was the only friend left with him. Since I had tried to help him improve in his studies without success, all that remained was to advice to try new learning techniques and also to be persistent. My aim to assist him to identify what is best in him so that he can use it to shine in academics or any other activity.

While spending most of my time with Clinton, I realized that he had a passion for drawing. All his books were full of drawings including portraits of buildings, vehicles, human beings, and other features that exist in the surroundings. The drawings were amazing to my eyes, and I had nothing else to do but stare at them with inward admiration. At that same time, I asked him to explain to me how he began drawing such good portraits. He told me that he had a great passion for drawing and he took as a hobby. From that moment, I was convinced that every person has something that they can do better than others. Despite being at the last position in every exam, Clinton possessed excellent drawing skills. Although I knew nothing about drawing, I advised him to keep practicing his drawing skills as they could help him in the future. In fact, he could even change it into a lifestyle career.

Even after persisting in my trials to help him perform at least fairly in class, he never did so. Finally, we did our final exams which could determine our future. As usual, I spend my time with Clinton as we had many things to discuss apart from classwork. Clinton told me that he would proceed to an art and design institution after finishing high school exams. That was a strange idea since most of my classmates planned to wait for the announcement of results of the final exams so that they can plan to join a higher learning institution. Still, I could object his plans because I knew very well he could perform below the required standards of joining a national college. Therefore, I seconded his idea and encouraged him to go and pursue his passion.  He had at least finished high school, and that knowledge could help him go through the art and design institution successful.

After about one month, the final exam results were released. I had qualified to join college, but Clinton did not. Therefore he and no option but to continue with learning art and design in the institution that he had enrolled earlier on. I joined college which was to take four years, and this meant that I was to stay far from my friend who was also captured in studying art. The difference between us is that he was pursuing what he had a passion for while I was pursuing a course that I had qualified to study in college. Still, both of us had goals that we aimed to achieve after finishing our training.

Two years passed after joining college, and I had remained with two more years to be declared a graduate. I remembered my friend and decided to get in touch with him. What? Clinton had already graduated from the art and design school, and he was the Chief Executive officer of an art and design company! How could he be a CEO yet he had not qualified to join a college where people get knowledge top lead big organizations. While still in amazement, Clinton told me that he had emerged the best designer and the owner of that institution was impressed with his work. As a result, he recommended him to the art and design company where he was given a permanent job. What a move! That was really unbelievable, but it was a reality. I was sure every person who had been Clinton’s classmate could be surprised to hear that.

According to me, Clinton’s achievement can be surprising, but it holds some significant knowledge and understanding which not many people do realize. Firstly, people may perform poorly in one aspect but still, make a huge stable in life due to one major thing that they do better. Clinton could not pass in class, but he had a talent in art drawing which he nurtured slowly until it made him a chief executive officer of the art and design company. Also, his achievement shows that there different ways that can lead to success. We only have to work hard in the specialized field. Lastly, the success of Clinton shows that hobbies and talents should not be looked upon as they can lead to success.

Finally, my advice goes to teachers, students, and even parents. I urge them to avoid neglecting and underrating students who do not perform well in class. Poor performance does not mean that a person lacks knowledge and skills. Instead, teachers and parents should monitor and identify special skills in students and help them to nurture them appropriately. Besides students should not mock those who perform poorly in class. Instead, they should encourage them to be persistent in what they can do better.


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