An Essay on Employees Jobs Satisfaction

Employee job satisfaction is explained as the situation when the employee is contented with his or her job. Therefore, it covers the needs and concerns of the employee (Griffin, & Moorhead, 2011). The management of an organization will carry out a survey to determine how their employees are satisfied with the task assigned. However, job satisfaction is sometimes considered a part of the company’s overall solution since some companies are better off without the satisfied employees. Moreover, most companies address certain critical areas to retain their employee and keep them happy.

Three employees have jobs at three different companies, and the following are the characteristics that their jobs portray to increase their satisfaction. First, Maria is an accountant and loves working on taxes and financial records. Her job provides an opportunity for improvement. She continues to use skills and develop new capabilities and get experience in new areas. Second, this job provides high salary hence increasing Mari’s satisfaction level. Similarly, a positive working environment of independence is also a great contributor.

Darel is a Quality Control Agent, and top dollar salary characterizes his job, and also it allows the employee to travel. The high payment offered because of traveling all over the United States is a contributor to job satisfaction. Lastly, Mike is a retail manager, and his employees love him. A senior level position characterizes Mike’s job. The high position of a retail manager is satisfying because it is a position of power. Also, the job does not portray work conflict. The colleges are supportive and provide an environment conducive to work. The final factor is the recognition of performance. Employees appreciate the great work being done by Mike and they provide positive remarks.

On the other hand, the following characteristics might lead to decreased job satisfaction. For the case of Maria, her relationship with the immediate supervisor might reduce her job satisfaction. Since Maria love her job and always works hard, the supervisor might feel worried about his/her position and break the relationship with Maria. Darell’s company can decrease his job satisfaction by portraying poor leadership. The company’s management might be politicized, and this will destroy the operations of the company. Also, the lack of respect and recognition of employee performance is a contributing factor. Employees need to be seen and without that they are dissatisfied. Ultimately, Mike might be dissatisfied with high pressure on the work itself. He feels the pressure of meeting the target from the corporate. Therefore, his job security might be at risk and may not even get promoted.

The three individuals portray different levels of job satisfaction. However, their satisfaction might relate to their job performance in the following way. The relationship between employees’ job satisfaction and job performance is positive. The three employees work hard to serve for the organization. They make use of their skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the company’s goals. Citizenship behavior is not part of the employee’s job description; however, an employee can do anything constructive on his own that benefit the company or colleges (Greenberg, & Colquitt, 2013). Maria and Mike are willing to provide extra effort hence they are positive in the citizenship behavior. Darell provides an outstanding performance but remains neutral in the citizenship behavior. Employee job satisfaction will decrease the turnover rate. Individuals that that are overworked and spend most of the time away from their families like Darell Washington will find their job being stressful. However, employee satisfaction with the job is a good example of a factor that reduce turnover rate.



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