Essay Writing Exploration

Essay Writing Exploration

Different writers use various styles to write with the intention to make essays appealing to readers and capture their attention. As a result, they put much emphasis on the introduction part as well as a conclusion because much of the content of the essay is captured here. Alice Walker in her essay, “in search of our mothers’ gardens” uses different styles to express her thoughts over the slavery that was taking place in the olden days. She uses quotes as well as mentioning other artists in her writing to make her essay more appealing to the readers. This paper will focus on the artistic work of Alice Walker in her essay, “in search of our mothers’ gardens.”

Walker’s choice of introducing her work with Jean Toomer’s book cane is to give the readers an overall view of what the essay is all about. This is to make the essay interesting as the readers can know what the essay is talking about. Once the readers know the essay, this will make them understand it easily. Proper understanding is vital in an essay as it gives readers the chance to argue on various matters addressed in the piece.

Alice borrowed Okot p’Biteks poem about “mourning about the death of our mother.” She also borrowed what Phillis’s wrote about the coming of Goddess. These two references are good in emphasizing what the essay is all about. For Okot’s poem, it gives the suffering of the slave while for Phillis’s it gives the hope that is long waited in rescuing the slaves. They provide the central theme of the essay and makes the idea flows throughout the piece.

“For these grandmothers and mothers of ours were not Saints, but Artists; driven to a numb and bleeding madness by the springs of creativity in them for which there was no release,” (Alice, 403). This is the thesis of the essay as it states how the hard life numbed the creativity of the blacks that they were exposed to. The essay has the thesis which contained a summary of the content of the essay. The purpose of the walker essay is to spread the news about slavery and how it can be stopped. She gives the struggles that our mothers underwent and how they tried to come out of them. Her intended audience is everybody who is reading the essay. She says that “did you have a genius of…” (Alice, 402). This is to show that she is not addressing anyone in particular but anybody reading the text.

In her conclusion, she chooses to draw an illustration from the poem she wrote to her mother to make the readers understand how she came about her artistic work. This is important in making the readers learn how they can better their skills in the writing. They will be able to draw some lessons in the essay as the poems are helpful because it shows them the achieved objective of the essay.

Conclusively, Alice Walker’s essay, in search of our mothers’ gardens, have various styles of writing that captures the attention of the audience. Her intended purpose is for the essay to reach anybody who is reading it as she is not addressing anyone in particular. She has the thesis that gives the readers an overview of what the essay is all about. She also draws some illustration from other writers to make the essay have an emphasis on what she is addressing. Generally, walker’s essay is meant to make readers have interest in reading it and understanding it quickly.

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