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The act and practice of unlawfully stealing or taking someone else’s work and passing them off as if you drafted them, is known as plagiarism. Paraphrasing materials, without referencing the author or correctly attributing the source are typical examples of plagiarism. But can plagiarism be detected? Of course, it can. Teachers and students alike, are aware of the numerous and easy access to millions of information on the internet in addition to those in books, magazines, newspapers, and they would want to ensure that their students will be submitting original and non-plagiarized work to them. There are some ways which they can be able to detect plagiarized works some of which are:

  1. Making Use of Plagiarism checker websites

One of the most efficient ways to ensure an essay hasn’t been plagiarized is the use of plagiarism checker websites. These websites allow teachers to upload papers submitted by their students after which the website searches for possible plagiarized sentences or paragraphs. An example of such website is is one of the most credible online plagiarism checker websites. It is pretty easy to use and highly efficient. Teachers can get unlimited access to their various services and easily check all essays submitted by their students for plagiarism by merely becoming a member. They will also be able to analyze the student’s level of plagiarism, which specific parts are copied and where they were copied.


  1. Downloading Plagiarism checker programs

Downloading and using plagiarism checker programs, is another method adopted by teachers to check for plagiarism. Most of these programs are easy to use and can be used to check students’ papers any time of the day. An example of reliable and easy to use software is Eve2, which sells for $30.00. The software has been developed to enable teachers to determine if a college essay has been plagiarized or not.

  1. Manually checking the papers

By scanning through the citations, references or bibliography and by evaluating the quality of writing of the students, teachers will be able to adequately detect and differentiate a plagiarized essay from a non-plagiarized one. It will be pretty easy for them to detect if an article has been plagiarized as they must have come across tons of non-plagiarized and plagiarized articles over the years. For instance, they are aware that essay papers with cited information without providing the source are plagiarized essays. It’s pretty easy copying someone else’s work, but you could lose a reasonable grade if detected. However, one shouldn’t forget the fact that plagiarism is a crime punishable by law. Therefore, students should always ensure they turn in non-plagiarized essays.

Listed below are some of the demerits of plagiarism 

  1. Receive poor/failing marks

You are likely to have two options if the paper you submitted to your teacher or professor isn’t a non-plagiarized essay. One of which is your teacher may be kind enough to let you rewrite the whole article, or he can instantly give you a very poor grade or a failing mark. Receiving a poor grade or a failing mark is undesirable and cannot be undone. I bet you wouldn’t want such calamity to befall you.

  1. Fines or incarceration

In a couple of other cases, fines in the form of an enormous amount of money for damages are paid to the original owner of a plagiarized article by the person who was found to be plagiarizing. There are instances whereby the accused is incarcerated for a short period.

It is a colossal crime trying to own someone else’s work. Therefore, you should always ensure you submit non-plagiarized papers. You won’t only be saving money, time, and effort, but you will also be saving your name from being dragged to the mud.

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