Ethical Considerations

According to research, ethical considerations, especially those involved in health care affects the health status of different people (Streiner, Norman & Cairney, 2015). By using a real-world example, the essay focuses on the impact of ethical considerations to the health of a client. It also explains the role of a professional nurse particularly when a client is possessed with an ethical issue.  Finally, the essay illustrates a nursing intervention which was influenced by a moral issue in my practice by relating it to the same clinical example in the real world.

How ethical considerations can impact a client’s health

Improper and inconsistence release of genetic information concerning a particular disease in the U.S is a significant example of ethical consideration that significantly influences the health of a client. In most cases, the aspect profoundly damages the autonomy of the individual involved. It is disappointing when an individual’s privacy is revealed that he/she carries a genetic mutation that will put the health of all his/her descendants at risk.  Such a reveal contributes to a lot of psychological distress to the client (Guillemin & Cox, 2017). Psychological distress may lead to mental damage and the death of the client.

Role of the professional nurse when a client has an ethical issue

In such a situation, the will nurse communicate with the client involved and provides them with appropriate guidance and counseling. Again, the nurse will establish all possible consequences that their actions would have to the health of the affected client. It will involve a nurse making a rational decision that will improve the well being of the client.

An intervention that was impacted by an ethical issue in my practice

The primary intervention involves an emphasis and establishment of a regulation that all health practitioners must gain the consent of their test subjects (Guillemin & Cox, 2017). By so doing, all health care providers and researchers will understand the type of information to disclose and how they should disclose it. More so, they will learn how to balance their pieces of information by considering the ethical interests which will respect the autonomy of the affected client.


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