Ethical Dilemma Analysis

Ethical dilemma is a situation where there is no specific right or wrong answers and gives a mental conflict on what decisions to make. This kind of dilemma indecision is always between two morally accepted phenomenon or entities which are principally accurate. A conundrum arises when picking one decision will automatically oppose the other. A vivid example of an ethical dilemma is when a pregnant lady goes to the hospital, and her delivery procedure gets complicated in the process, in which the doctor has to make a choice, which will lead to the death of either the mother or her unborn child. Should the doctor save this unborn child or its mother? In this case, the doctor will have to pick an option which is of lesser evil and leans towards the greater good. Saving the unborn child’s mother will be the most appropriate decision to make in this dilemma.

This decision to save the mother of the unborn child is informed from a number of logical facts. The pregnancy will be terminated and the baby plus the mother separated in a way that the mother will survive. Even though no life is precious than the other, the mother will be given higher chances to survive. She could be taking care of her other children and is an essential provider for her family, and her demise will directly affect the survival of her other children. Another logical fact is, the mother can be able to conceive another baby and will have no problem surviving in life after birth, as opposed to bringing a baby to this world without their mother. Even though today it is possible for children to live healthily without a mother’s care, morally it would be daunting to put an unborn child through all this.

In this decision-making process, those who should involve are the partner or spouse of the mother. These are the two most important stakeholders on this decision to terminate a pregnancy. The woman has every right to decide what happens to her body. Even though there are moral obligations pegged to termination of pregnancy; it is a decision which will entirely depend on what the doctor thinks as well as the unborn child’s mother.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy to save the mother of the unborn child will have an impact on the stakeholders; in this case, the mother, moral entities such as the church among the rest. Mother of the unborn has the rights to her own body and society, or any other purists cannot police her on what to do with her body, especially if keeping the unborn child will put her life at risk. On the other hand, the doctor will be guilt-tripped by the moral obligation of not preserving the life of the unborn child, who is just as important as the mother, and making a decision to terminate it, takes away its right to life.

A recommendation in this ethical dilemma is to try saving both the mother and her unborn child separately. Instead of termination, the doctor should have a team of specialists during birth who will take over treatment and monitoring of the baby and the mother separately.





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