Ethical Dilemma Exploration

An ethical dilemma can affect any person’s life without them even being conversant of it. Ethical have a lot of outcomes that result due to the actions that we take. The various ways that human beings can use to deal with ethical dilemma are seen through different worldviews. However, a lot of the problems that are associated with viewing the difficulty in the worldview can be solved by seeing it through the Christian worldview. Other relevant ways can also be employed in dealing with the issues.  This case involves 17-year-old Joni who was swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, and by misjudging the depth, she dove into the water and ended up breaking her vertebrae. This led to a condition that ruined her life making her to be depressed and even thought seriously to end her life using euthanasia. She felt that her life was doomed and she had no future to live for.

Core Beliefs

The principles in the world we live today are founded on Biblical world view; indeed our cultures are established on it. Basing from the scriptures from the Bible Joni should not take her life because she has a lot to live for. According to, (Genesis 9:6) God views us as stewards of our lives but no the owners. This means that no one is allowed to take anybody’s life not even if one instructs people to do it. As secular humanism claims that every person’s life has a quality attached to it and thus no life should be lost through the unnatural way. Therefore this means that disabilities, suffering and other factors that make a person’s life difficult only make a person have a lesser degree of happiness. With happiness being used as the standard then it means that a person has only a low quality or uncomfortable life that is far better than death.



In the Bible, Apostle Paul teaches on the importance of having a content life in any situation. Joni has a lot to be proud of because having the breath of life even though she if not having much happiness if good. (Philippians 4:12 ) says that in a world that confuses the right to pursue happiness with non-existence right to attain happiness the Christian perspective stands out in stark contrast. According to the book of Deuteronomy 32:39, God is sovereign overthe life and death; thus human beings have no jurisdiction in that area. Thus they are not mandated to end life. The dominion of God includes all life. Therefore, it means that our suffering is a part of God’s providence to us. Joni should not get depressed because God knows her condition and knows why she is suffering. Life cannot be left on the hands of modern medicine because it is only God can understand the situation. Enduring hardship as a discipline is what God requires us to do as His children. (Romans 8:25) states that the purpose of suffering for the Christians is conformed to the likeness of his son or sanctification.


According to scripture Christians should see God’s sovereignty in their impending death and suffering and serve as ministers to others suffering to promote God’s power. Joni has a lot to serve as a testifier of God’s love even though she is suffering God gave her that gift of life that she is still enjoying. The worldview of the case of Joni if she was humanistic or atheist is that people self-ruling biological entities whose breathe of life is a pleasure and its end is complete extinction.  As an atheist world view sees growth as only valuable to human beings for what it offers and sees it as an invaluable when one is suffering. Logically this is not should be held because that is not the only thing that life offers in this world. According to the atheist’s view of life, they believe that life has no sense if the suffering person has no intentions of living anymore. They believe that some lives are not worth living.


Mercy killing is the antithesis of natural death that may result from illness or degenerative process. It is also good to understand that palliative care and euthanasia are different. Quality of life judgment is irrelevant to Christians.   Human beings are created in the image of God means that the life of man is sacred and is said to have intrinsic value.  Therefore there is nothing like that life is not worth living; all life has a purpose; thus no one should choose to use euthanasia to end life.  The humanists and the atheists equate quality of experience with the degree of suffering and level of functioning. The atheists view suffering as life that has no purpose; thus they argue that continued growth is outweighed by pain. However, there are no criteria for deciding the quality of life. Therefore human beings cannot draw inference on when to use euthanasia. The quality of life of Joni is not measurable and therefore taking her life because of the suffering she is going through is not the best advice.


The Christian world view puts God under control of the whole issue. The gift of life is only left on the hands of the Author of life which if God to decide on what should befall us. God calls us to care for the suffering and the dying and stand against the killings that are not natural. Joni should live her life according to Gods plan and do away with the issue of euthanasia. As we oppose euthanasia the lie between it of not fearing death then winning the hearts of people and convincing that life is only controlled by the Creator will be difficult.  Joni should be an ambassador of Christ and give people a reason to live even if they are suffering. As Christians human beings are called as light and salt in their spheres of influence. Human beings should stand in need of folk who are to speak directly of what they are going through and help them to fight their situation.




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