Ethical Evaluation of Holiday Hours

Ethical Evaluation of Holiday Hours

The thought of having a business operating on Thanksgiving is ridiculous unless it is one that people may significantly rely on for the day to be successful. It is worth noting that holidays provide a significant opportunity for people to spend more time with their families and loved ones. Inherent with that statement, a gas station or a grocery shop may even not be open for an extended duration on such days so that the employees can be allowed to enjoy great moments with their families. However, since the onset of the Cyber Mondays, competition between business organizations has increased steadily resulting in more business units opening during holiday hours. This has become a debatable issue that is people can now see some of the online stores being opened or closed on Thanksgiving, while some demand that shoppers boycott all the open units. Essentially, it is unethical for a business to be open on holiday hours as it denies its works a chance to have the best moments with their families and shows the selfish nature of the company.

Stores should be open on Thanksgiving Day. In a recent survey done by Anderson (2015), it was observed that some stores provide vital items that people might need for a holiday. A gas station is an excellent case. Even though the business will be open, they will do so for a limited amount of time of about six hours to provide people with gasoline for their vehicles.  Another company that cannot be closed on holidays is the transport sector. People are highly involved in movements from one point to the other during these events, and the closure of the transport business will only worsen the day than make it memorable (Smith, Smith, & Brower, 2016). Thus, it would be unwise for some store to be closed on Thanksgiving because of their importance in ensuring that the day goes on smoothly.

However, stores being open tend to express the egocentric attitude of business owners. Researchers claim that for a business to be open on Thanksgiving Day shows that they are forcing their workers to provide services when they should be having a day off to connect with their families and friends (Rogers, 2017) even though some people significantly depend on money for their livelihood. Then being closed on holidays implies that the salaried employees will make less income at the end of the day. However, the income earned by working on holidays can buy happiness that one will get by spending some few hours around family members. Thus, stores should be closed during holiday hours in the organization.

In conclusion, it is unwise to open on holidays as it motivates people to shop instead of having great family time. For decades, Thanksgiving has been one of the most valuable days for many families in any year. These holidays provide people with the opportunity for them to unite and be grateful for everything that is happening in their life. This is a moment that all the people in the community will reflect on their needs and how best they can improve on their shortcomings. Thus, being open not only forces a person to work but denies him or her opportunity to reflect on his or her life. Therefore, there is a need for business organizations to avoid opening on Thanksgiving as it will help improve the lives of their employees and consumers in society.




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