Ethical issues in the world college sports

Ethical issues in the world college sports

Many ethical issues have arisen in the world college sports. Athletics is one of their sports that has faced a series of scandals involving players receiving improper benefits. Other problems include coaches found with a violation of recruiting inappropriately.

Most educators provide equal opportunity for students to participate in athletics. However, Mismanagement is one of the significant threats toward establishing reliable sporting facilities. Paying such athletes has been faced with controversial views such as those linked to a violation of sports policies NCAA plays a significant role in determining whether such players should be paid. Paying athletic layers is ethical. Paying college athletes is vital in boosting their skills and talents. The process further provides an opportunity for the athlete-students to strategize and support their needs. Besides, it is one way of encouraging students to engage in sports with the purpose of raising a small income.

On the other hand,  it is not ethical for the coaches to take large salaries at the expense of the players. It provides conflicts between students and their coaches. Besides, it reduces the trust between the two parties thus decreasing. They should be fair and respect the role played by players by rewarding them. The principle of fairness ensures that fairness is adopted at all levels of an organization.

Identifying an appropriate pay range is essential for the payment strategy. Evaluating the rank and responsibility of the involved parties would provide an opportunity for developing a suitable compensation structure. The pay scale for the athletic pay would thus be based on the performance as this would encourage hard work. However, the process should aim at addressing the existing ethical challenges in sports.

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