Ethics in business Related

Ethics is very important in conducting any form of business. Working green helps the society live a stress-free life which leads to peaceful coexistence. Therefore, there is a need for any company or organization to ensure they remain green in all they do. The campaigns against the use of plastics bottled water is a good one since it helps to consider the social responsibility part of the company.

  1. Micro issues

Since the only problem with plastics is that they are not recyclable, those who came up with Brita campaigns should have first investigated to ensure that the bottles could not get recycled easily; this is to reduce the chances of incurring unnecessary costs of now and then producing new bottles from new material. Journalists are critical in portraying messages, and their messages take the best part of the listeners. Therefore, a need was there for the journalists to research on the matter before making the story to the public; this could help in availing the most dependable corporate social responsibility, this effort to do away with plastics has a significant effect on the life. The initiative would help in reduction of chances of breast cancer since the plastics leach chemical substances that take cancer to the next level. Therefore, with the decline of plastic bottles, research on cancer would reduced cancer infections.

  1. Midrange issues

Brita’s campaign was truthful since it was based on the facts about the need to go green; this is because it insisted on going green without the need to hesitate in the idea. The facts presented looked dependable. The campaign was authentic because the advert was factual and after their claim for the need to go green, a recommendation on the way forward was given. Respect was maintained in the ad since all the parties were given due care. The announcement gave facts and recommendations respectively. On the issue of equity between the body sending and the one receiving the information, Brita was keen on this because the facts were just self-explanatory and there was no need to debate on the same. By Brita not recycling their containers placed them at the highest position of being socially responsible; this is because it considered the wellbeing of each in society.

Bottled water is good for drinking since it has passed through purification. Most of the germs get eradicated through purification hence making it safe for drinking. Some chemical added in the water makes it softer than tap water. Never the less, customers should not buy bottled water if it is in plastic bottles since this would turn out environmentally unfriendly.

  1. Macro issues

Under communitarian philosophy, the campaign would be meeting the needs of the selected few who use the diaper. On the side of the Unitarian philosophy, the campaign would be bringing together the people from all corners of the world to gain interest in the product. The difference between the two adverts is that the bottled water is against the use of the plastics while the diaper one is supportive of the use of the diaper. The similarity is that both campaigns are encouraging the welfare of the people.