Ethics in philosophy

Ethics is vital in every society as it plays a significant role in guiding individual behaviors in an organization. Ethics is essential as it keeps the human behavior in check to preserve the peace of society. Ethics ensures that the rational interests and the goodwill of the organization are at equilibrium. It’s not every time that the eyes of the law are always available so ethics helps to keep this in check. Ethics is important in philosophy as it seeks to explain or instead resolve questions concerning human morality by clarifying concepts, for instance, good and evil, virtue or vice, justice, and crime or right from wrong. Ethics in philosophy ensure that human beings take the proper cause of action in every situation. For instance, two students discussing in a library which is supposed to be a quiet place is lack of ethics or an individual picking a call in a cinema despite knowing that he is not supposed to. I find this concept personally enriching.

Organizations need ethics and procedures to do things in the right manner especially during difficult and controversial situations. Policies should be used to protect employees against any form of discrimination in organizations. This policies which include the creation of anti-discriminatory rules provide equal opportunities for growth for all employees. Ethics ensures productivity and organizational loyalty. Ethics should guide the organization in coming up with honest and fair methods of advertising to enhance the consumers’ trust. Lack of consumer confidence can be a big blow to any organization. Policies should also be set on ethical standards to reduce the risk of financial liabilities. Reduction in sales and potential lawsuits are some of the financial burdens which can negatively affect an organization. For instance, a bank creating additional accounts for their customers without their knowledge and later charging them for it is lack of ethical conduct which would lead to the reduction in their clients as well as potential lawsuits.

Employees should be guided by ethics in the field to create a foundation of happy employees and satisfied clients. Rules and regulations of the organization should govern the employees in doing what is right. Employees should apply ethics when dealing with human resources especially finances in the field to ensure the growth of the organization they work for as well as avoid consequences that come along with mismanaging organizational funds. Consistent training should be done to ensure that employees meet the expectations of the employer.

The lack of ethics in a business community reduces the efficiency and performance of the employees. Employers should not only pay attention to making money and forget to adhere to procedures and protocol. The employees’ relationship with their employer may be affected, and as a result, respect is lost in the process. Lack of ethics may also cause the organization to lose its credibility after the public gains knowledge on this. Legal issues may arise when policies and procedures are not followed. Hefty fines and penalties may also occur from failing to apply ethics in your organizations’ activities.

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