Ethics in the Workplace

Lorna’s behavior was unethical.  As an administrative assistant, she handles many administrative issues. She knows that interviews are meant to choose the best-suited candidate for the job. In her attempt to help a friend, she decided to give Bill the copy of the interview questions. First, this is against the policy of the company.  In addition, giving Bill the interview questions is not really helping him prepare but helping him cheat on the interview. This kind of behavior is considered unethical.

Betty behaved unethically. This is because she lied to her boss about why she was late. Though she is devoted, high producing and works overtime when requested, this does not give her the right to lie to her boss. She should have called in to request she would be rate just like the boss requested her to work overtime or just say the truth when she came in and face the consequences. She was not honest to her boss and lack of honesty in the office in unethical (Korgen et al., 2015). Whatever the situation, one should be honest.

Suzy and tom acted unethically. It is the company’s policy to have safety protocols in place to prevent work place injuries. When such protocols were initiated, the pace of the work was considered and the protocols were still deemed necessary. They decided to break the law for their own benefit of assembling many computer parts and in turn earn more money.  They compromised their lives and those of other employees for the sake o their own interests.  They were also not honest for they tried to use dangerous means to earn more (Korgen et al., 2015). This kind of behavior is unethical.



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