Ethnic and Global Multiculture

Many doors to multiculturalism

  1. What is multiculturalism and who does it affect? To what extent has multiculturalism been embraced in different societies around the world, its believed that by 2050 people will have interacted between different societies around the world? What are the causes of multiculturalism and its effects on society?
  2. There are different theories explaining multiculturalism. The theories explain why some societies have embraced multiculturalism while others are adamant. Using the theories, explain why some societies embrace multiculturalism, and others are adamant? Also, explain the political factors that influence societies in accepting cultures from different societies around the world?
  3. Different societies have embraced multiculturalism and have faced both the positive and negative effects of the multiculturalism. Explain the political consequences in communities that have embraced multiculturalism?


The idea of a renaissance

  1. What are the features of a renaissance from an Italian point of view in terms of how the people feel? What are the aspects of a renaissance in terms of how people feel?
  2. Is there any partial secularization in terms of restriction of the intellectual scope of religion?
  3. When did renaissance began in the world and do all the societies experience and embrace the renaissance?

Ethos and Ethnos

    1. What is the difference between the homogenous societies and monoculture societies in terms of how they relate to people coming from other societies that are not of their own?
    2. What challenges and advantages do both homogenous societies and monoculture societies face while they are interacting with other societies that come from other parts of the world?
    3. What makes societies to be homogenous while others choose to be monoculture?