Euroland Foods S.A


Euroland Foods S.A is a corporation that has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It deals with the production of bottled water, ice cream, and yogurt. Euroland Foods S.A was founded in 1924. It has risen over the years to push itsproducts in global markets such as Belgium, Netherlands, Britain, and Scandinavia. During the earlyyears, it acted as an offshoot of a dairybusiness but later incorporated new ventures and products portfolio. The success of the companyduring the first years can be linked to both the product development process and the unique marketing skills.

It is important to note that after beingpublic traded in 1979, it gotlistedintheLondon Stock Exchange in 1993. The move was an indication that Euroland Foods S.A had registered consistent and impressive growth over the years. While Euroland Foods S.A had diverse products, most of its revenues were generated from the sale of ice creams which accountedfor 60% of the revenue. On the other hand, yogurt accounted for 20% of the sales while bottled water and juices accounted for 20%. The product development processes ensured that the ice cream had high-fat content thus making it a favorable product among customers.

Euroland Foods S.A exhibits the intention to venture into the global market. In the past, there has been an intense competition that has been marked by the entry of new players in the market. However, Euroland Foods S.A management acknowledges the fact that there are many unexploitedmarkets. Other than introducing new products, there are ongoing plans to ensure that the corporationregistersactiveoperation in the previously sidelined markets. These areas have a lower level of competition and offer huge prospects for new products.



Background Information on the Firm

Focusing on the European market indicates that Euroland Foods S.A is one of the leading business in the dairy and water market. For many years, Euroland Foods S.A hasadopted market strategies that give it a competitive advantage of other market players. Quality product development has led to an increase in the number of loyal customers. An example can be seen in the introduction of theRolly brand which has registered a positive reception in the market.  While Euroland Foods S.A hasmaintained a leading position for manyyears, recent market changes have adversely impacted itsoperations in Europe.

The effort to counter these threats by venturinginto new markets has seen Euroland Foods S.A incur huge debts that risk derailing its global operations. The poor financial performances prompted investors and shareholders to reduce the level of investment in 2001. The lack of adequate financing by investors implies that there is a need to come up with sound strategies that will seek to counter the market uncertainties. Consequently, board members have formulatedmanyproposals with the objective of bringing the corporation to its feet.

The effectiveness of these plans is evaluated on the basis of both the payback period and IRR.  These approaches have the benefit of determining the most profitable projects and ways that more revenues can be generated within a short period. Additionally, the plans are also based on the need to reduce operational costs as a way of increasing profit margins. It is worth noting that the successful implementation of these plans would transform the fortunes of the company as well as ensure that it gains a competitive advantage in the market.

Statement of Situation

When compared to other rivals firms, it becomesevident that Euroland Foods S.A has had two major problems in itsoperations. The high debt-to-equity ratio and the low price-to-earnings ratio signals that the organization is not running smoothly. While the banking sector advises Euroland Foods S.A to reduce levels of debts, the management is faced by the dilemma of expanding and venturinginto new markets. Under the current debt-equity ratio, it is impossible to gain leverage in launching new projects. This implies that new projects would only make the debt problem worse.

The low price-revenue earnings further imply that the shares of Euroland Foods S.A have greatly reduced in value. Currently, the value of the company is estimated to be 14. On the other hand, the value of Euroland Foods S.A can be defined as being under the book value. In the past, attempts to introduce new products as a way of changing the fortunes of the company haveproved to be ineffective. The situation is further complicated by the stagnate sales. There is thus the worry by creditors on the ability of Euroland Foods S.A tohonor its debtsobligations. Not only does this assert pressure on the management to repay the debts, but it also creates limitations on the ability to secure new debts to propel the growth initiative.

Constraints on Solution

The high debt levels complicate any attempts to launch new operations or bringing new investors on board. In a situation where shares had a high value, the debt problem would be addressed by bringing new stakeholders onboard. However, the current situation implies that the operational costs are high as compared to the earnings. The continuousspending on the capital implies that the operations of Euroland Foods S.A face the risk of a dead stop in the coming years. The lack of adequate resources further puts the board members in a dilemma on the type of projects that they need to engage in a move to change the fortunes of the company.

While the management has settled on three projects that were to be evaluated on the basis of the payback period and the impacts on the organization, these projects are not attainable without the needed financing. The situationis complicated by the fact that banks are in doubt of the ability of Euroland Foods S.A topayits debts. It is thus challenging for Euroland Foods S.A to secure another bank loan. On the contrary, it would be forced to settle for projects that fit in its constrained budget. It is also critical to settle on itsstrengths and ways that it can improve its market position.

Euroland Foods S.A Strengths

Since 1982, Euroland Foods S.A has had significant successes in launching new products. The yogurt brand is an indication of the contribution of effective product development in capturing a wide market. The introduction of the yogurt brand saw a sharp increase in the profit margins of the corporation and also capture a wide market. Despite its past woes, it is imperative to mention that Euroland Foods S.A has a high number of loyal customers. The high number of customers offers the corporation a competitive advantage over other market players.

On the other hand, Euroland Foods S.A has in the past years established global ventures as well as extensive distribution networks. Itimplies that unlike most of its competitors, Euroland Foods S.A is not exposed to a single currency economy. On the contrary, it has over ten plants in countries such as Britain and Germany. There is thus an increased opportunity of countering the competition level at the local markets. Such efforts will also be supplemented by the elaborate distribution and marketing networks.

Another benefitconcerns the strong brand image of its signature products. Many customers are convincedthat Euroland Foods S.A offers quality and superior products as compared to rivals.  The trend implies that the company only needs effective strategies to registerimprovedrevenues.  Such moves wouldalso come in handy in lowering the debts levels and also in diversifyingitsoperations.

Based on the provided information, it is evident that there are chances of moving to new markets in other countries. The fact that it has over ten plants implies that it can increase its regional presence. These plants, as well as the improved networks, make it possible for Euroland Foods S.A to counter the threat of other competitors. Likewise, the corporation can focus on its strengths such as the strong brand and its improved product development process. It is critical to note that in the past, the corporation was in the leading front in the dairy and bottled water industry. It implies that dealing with the debts issue and increasing the revenue levels would serve to bring the organization back to its competitive position.

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