Eve and Connie contrasting behaviors

Eve and Connie contrasting behaviors

Eve and Connie have contrasting behaviors due to diverse backgrounds and the cultural aspects base on their origin. Even though both characters similarly fall under the same age group. Connie tends to have fewer responsibilities as compared to Eve. Based on their personalities, both introverted and extroverted behaviors noted from the two characters. While both characters differ from their behaviors, both suffer through various cultural influences.

The cultural phenomenon is common in the lives of both characters. It influences their behaviors since it reflects on both Connie’s and Eve’s lives. Based on the presented features regarding Connie and Eveline, it is evident that culture influences personality behaviors characters and determines the rate at which an individual cope with the new environment. On the other hand, religion has an influence on a person’s social life. And this can be attributed to the introverted and extroverted behaviors shown by Eve and Connie. The two characters seem to be completely different. Based on the outlined context the differences stem from their families and their identities.

However, both are teenage girls thus have some common challenges linked to their backgrounds. For example, the description of the residents of both girls seems to have an influential character. The oppressive and restraining aspect of their homes negatively influences their behaviors. Moreover, both girls have a role to play in their families, and this creates an opportunity for them to understand the responsibilities expected of teenagers. Based on the diversity of cultural background, a person has different roles based on the age group. Similarly, the two characters seem to understand their responsibilities. Despite the belief that they have freedom, the two girls have identified that the upbringing is quite challenging thus have to be responsible especially while handling their duties at home.

Being a primary caretaker at home, Eveline has more responsibilities than Connie. For instance, she takes the role of taking care of her father since her mother died. She is also responsible for the day to day running of the family since her father is described as drunk. Also, her brother does not contribute since he works away from their hometown. Even though both are faced with restraining environment Eveline’s father is reluctant in taking his roles Besides he often unleashes his anger and abuse on her. It states that ” her father was so bad then..,” Her decision to embark on new life with Frank lands her to more trouble since she becomes nostalgic when she began to have some memories of her family, she further recalls that she had praised her mother for taking the responsibility of maintaining their home. The sound of streets reminds her of the sad memories of her mother s death.

Similarly, Connie faced different problems in her family. The mother has a problem with her behavior, and this creates an environment where Connie acts much closer to the cultural phenomenon. She was threatened by the fact that she could make ,wrong choices in life “she is fifteen and she a quick nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people’s faces to maker her own was all right” (Oates, 25-26) Therefore, both characters faced almost similar restraining challenges from their parents.

Based on the cultural phenomenon and surrounding the girl’s lives, it is evident that both required guidance from their parents. On the contrary, Connie found adequate restraint from the parents while Eveline was somehow opposite since her father often abused her. The influence of others is evident from the way Connie’s mother handles her. She intends to instill some cultural practices into her life. For example, she checks in her dressing and ensures that it meets certain standards that can be described as excellent. Besides both characters have a bond with their mothers. For example, Eveline cancels the plan with Fran upon remembering the promise she had made with her mom. On the other hand, Connie’s mother is concerned of her daughter’s tender age, and this draws them closer.

Their relationship with the boys influences both characters. For example, in Oates story, Connie does not focus on the feelings about the boys who admire her. She takes time rather stay with her friends and enjoy the boys. On the other hand, Eveline is the opposite of these characters. She dreams o a better life with men. For instance, she plans to people with Frank and starts life in Argentina.

Both girls are teenagers, and this is the time they require adequate support from their parents. On the contrary, both of them feel that they do not get the required help. For example, Connie and Eve have different instances that can be described as top have minimal attention from the parents. For example the adequate support from, the parents lead them to have tragic end Connie fails to have an organized life “fails to become involved in a meaningful way of life” Thus, therefore, this distracts their minds from paying attention to their parents.

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