Event management is a relatively new concept when compared to other business practices such as marketing but the practice itself is not new. In the past, events were organized and ran by the public relations manager without lots of considerations going into it but as competition increased it became clear that there was more than just scheduling to an event. Business event management was defined by Rouse as the practice of incorporating business logic into labeling events, handling events and communicating events (2007). It is generally the application of business practices of management, accounting and marketing in the management of the event. The inclusion of these business practices has made event management part of the strategic marketing practices and that is why EThames Graduate School of London needs my services.

            Event Details

Being one of the leading colleges in London, EThames Graduate School appreciates the support of their esteemed students and staff members and organizes an opening day event to welcome each and every individual to the new semester. The event takes into consideration all the parties involved and includes the respective representatives in the organizing of the event as well as in the activities of the event. The representatives are also involved in the process of choosing the speakers of the day whereby the institution invites influential individuals in the business sector or successful alumni of our esteemed institution. The event involves various activities with the first being the welcoming of all students back to the institution followed by a speech on the details concerning EThames and why it is the college of choice, which will be followed by a lunch break whereby there will be a chance of informal interaction between the students, staff members and invited guests. In the afternoon there will be a tour of the school, followed by a question and answers session and finally the closing remarks whereby the meeting will be concluded giving ample time for interactions between the students, staff and invited guests as the students settle down for the commencement of learning.

            Objectives of Event

In event management, one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration is the objectives of the event. This is because the objectives act as a guide of the list of activities that should be carried out on the particular day. The objectives are usually used in the creation of the schedule since the schedule’s goal should be to meet the objectives of the event. Being the start of the semester and this being the opening event, the main objectives of the event are welcoming the students back, laying out the institution’s goals for the semester and communicating any changes that may have occurred during the holidays. Secondly, EThames is among the leading colleges in London but is not actually the leading one therefore one of the objectives of the event should be marketing. It is important to note that institutional marketing is not addressed like any other form of marketing but is the analysis, planning, control and implementation of carefully formulated programs designed to bring about voluntary exchanges of values with target markets to achieve institutional objectives (Gupta, 2007). It is important to note that in marketing, higher education is viewed more of a commodity than a service that is sold in a consumerism environment (Gibbs, 2004).

The event will also be used for the purpose of creating a closer relationship between the students and the staff. A close relationship between the two is usually important in running of the organization as they are both dependant on each other. The question and answer session will be vital for this as it gives the staff and management a chance to identify instances of inefficiency and address them immediately which gives the students satisfaction. The interaction guest will also be an opportunity for the students to interact with some of their role models who might be members of staff or the invited guests. Therefore this will not only be an opening day meeting but also a mentoring day for some of the students. Finally the meeting will provide an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in the entertainment section. This not only helps the students to improve their confidence it is also a platform through which special talents can be identified and natured to be part of the entertainment industry in the future.

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