Every girl loves shopping

Every girl loves shopping. As a girl, I get what I want even if it meant extra spending without caring for other needs. I like being admired and considered a lady of class.  Who does not want this? But this went sour one afternoon. I spend the money for rent on buying shoes worth $ 150 from Amazon while I had gone shopping for a $ 5 book. The result was being evicted from my apartment a day to the main exam. How unfortunate of me. I have known myself to be good at reading all kinds of books, but I have a short concentration. Having been evicted meant moving in with Grace as I looked for an excuse to tell my parents to sort me out of which they did not.This was terrible and thus, acted as an eye-opener on the need to exercise self-control. I realized that lack of self-control paralyzed my progress in that I always purchased something that I had not planned for. As a result, I had to start from zero again to get another amount. This stagnated me in one place for so long. As I write, I am at letting any person who has a habit like mine to rethink his or her financial management and focus on the things that are beneficial not only today but also tomorrow. I love reading, but I have a low concentration, and that’s why I leave it and indulge in purchasing things with less importance to me. In this case, I plan to improve my concentration by reading three books a week. By so doing I will have exercised self-control since I will have to nurture myself into having less time for shopping. Many of us not only me are subjected to tragedies that they can overcome if only they control their spending power. What happened to me can happen to anyone I have thus learned to think wisely, before getting any penny out of my pocket.

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