Evidence-based Guidelines

Evidence-based guidelines are also referred to as the clinical practice guidelines and are the systematical statements developed to help healthcare practitioners make effective patient decisions as well as provide appropriate care for a given clinical circumstance. These are not the fixed protocols, which need to be followed, but instead are the intended guidelines providing the recommended interventions that could be considered by a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable. A clinician or the Patient-Provider needs to ensure that they identify a given practice guideline which is most similar to a given clinical situation in case. To effectively do this, the guideline should contain information which will clearly define a given clinical situation in which various recommendations are applicable.

The healthcare providers often use evidence-based guidelines in giving a diagnosis to a patient. With the instructions, it is possible to offer appropriate medication with the medical history. The Healthcare Agency or a Patient-Provider should refer to the evidence-based guidelines, which helps them in understanding the prognostics of a patient as well as the medical history of patients (Ackley, 2008).The main reason that is often given for the development of the evidence-based guidelines is for the improvement of the quality of patient care as well as enhancing the delivery of healthcare services (Ackley, 2008). Consolidation as well as gauging the recent evidence regarding the effectiveness of different treatment strategies should help clinicians change their attitudes towards treatment choices which in essence will result in behavioral changes. These will ultimately lead to an improvement in patient outcomes (Ackley, 2008).

Evidence-based practice is used in the analysis of the systematic patient data to come with an accurate assessment of a specific patient outcome. It will help in the analysis of the patient’s condition as well as ensure that future cases have been handled using the existing methods that have been researched on.




Ackley, B. J. (2008). Evidence-based nursing care guidelines: Medical-surgical interventions. St. Louis, Mo: Mosby/Elsevier.

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