Exit Interview Reaction Paper

An exit interview refers to a meeting which is held with an employee who is separating with an organization. Generally, the HR staff conducts this meeting. Exit interviews present organizations a chance to get honest and open feedback from the terminating employees. In my opinion, an exit interview should be kept confidential. The employee who is leaving the organization will start looking for ajob, and they might require to get recommendations from their former supervisors. Thus, if an employee had an issue with the supervisor and they well know that the exit interview is not confidential, they may not be willing to open up about it as the supervisor might come to know about it and give a negative recommendation about them. Therefore, the human resource staff needs to assure confidentiality and have the employees comments recorded in other HR data to help them deal with problematic supervisors and other organizational issues. This data will much help the organization to improve the retention of employees as well.

I believe exit interviews are a significant part of the employee terminating process as the information they give could make substantial enhancements in the organization. Therefore, when conducting this interview, I would;

Ask relevant questions and make sure to pay attention – it is critical to pay close attention to what the employee is saying during an exit interview and ensure that you as many questions as possible. By doing so, you will help you get more details from the employee about employment and the organization at large.

Make sure to understand the positive employment aspects –this will help in the retention of employees as well as making the working environment productive. Employees leaving your organization may pose a negative impact on its reputation.

Create a conducive interview environment – having an effective exit interview requires a conducive setting. The ending employees should feel comfortable to give their honest opinion.


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