Explain the role of an operations manager and how this role impacts a company

Explain the role of an operations manager and how this role impacts a company

Operations managers have the role of managing human resources and raw materials. The purpose of an operations manager is overseeing the production of goods and services in a firm. He monitors and analyses production and improves production systems where necessary. In our case, the operations manager Mr. Charlie has the role of allocating orders to teams and overseeing that quality services get provided to the clients (Walker et al., 2014).

Identify the critical facts in this scenario.

The critical fact in this scenario is that allocating resources in a firm can be very hard. In the situation, Charlie who is the operations manager is having a hard time assigning the Suzanne’s Organic Cupcakes account. The consultants from RPZ social media analytics are an experienced lot but booked solid while the consultants from Genaflek have little experience hence not too trustworthy with the job. He has a dilemma on to who assign the order (Hitt et al., 2016).

Based on the facts, describe your assumptions about the situation.

The assumptions are that Suzanne’s Organic Cupcake requires quality work and that Genaflek is unlikely to do the job well since they are inexperienced.

Explain how each assumption impacts the manager’s possible solutions.

The assumption that Genaflek consultants are inexperienced makes the manager lack confidence in them to deliver an excellent job as per Suzanne’s Organic Cupcake standards.

Finally, explain the steps the operations manager should take next, and describe the conversation you would have with him regarding these steps.

First and foremost the manager should have an interview with the consultants from Genaflek to know their capability. The discussion will open his eyes on the consultants’ strength and weakness.

Also, the manager should train the Genaflek consultants so that they can match the RPZ standards to avoid such a scenario in the future. He can educate them on the skills he requires them to have for them to get to the required standards (Hitt et al., 2016).

Lastly, he should mix some of the Genaflek consultants with the consultants from RPZ. This strategy will create well-blended teams with varied experience. The Genaflek consultants will benefit the most as they will gain more experience.

The conversation that I will have with the manager will be cordial, informative and mutual. From the discussion, the manager should understand that both teams of consultants are under him and he, therefore, has to look for ways of ensuring that they have the skills he requires. Through the conversation, I will guide him on how to go about that (Walker et al., 2014).

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